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here's the link

The report has a lot of gaps & is grossly wrong at quite a few places.... I'm sure only because of my designation (HR) my name been taken ;o....& i've been cycling to office only for the past 3 months.

Anyway I hope at least people in my office learn from it & get on to a saddle :).

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Coolio.. Just saw the article. And people are already mailing in :) .. Get ready to see a spurt in numbers people!
Man, the press is always over stating. They make news of nothing. Why not articles on Doodhwala, but about our swanky speed efficient Bikes?
but i'm happy they're talking about Bicycle lanes. Honestly, i never knew they had those kinda lanes
Did you see that they have written....Admissions Open !!!! like a school or something :)
yea i told her about those lanes :)
The admissions open part- is by default actually. If you have seen previous articles.. So dont feel so bad about it :P
Hamilton lost the Formula-1world championship by a point..Well this a cruel joke for Hamilton fans..In fact he won it this year...!!



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