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Training Plan for Next 8 weeks Preparation For BRM

HI All,

I have planned a detail training plan for next 8 weeks starting from Monday 8th August 2016. I am concentrating on Brevet for next season starting from November 2016 .

I am from Pune . If anyone interested to join me with the attached Plan let me know. Any suggestions are welcomed.


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Please let me ask very few and basic questions:

1) What was the highest distance your have covered so far? Before how many days? In which season?

2) What is the exact distance you're going to cover in upcoming BRM? 200K/300K?

3) Which kind of cycle you're riding? Same bicycle you want to ride in BRM?

Please read my article:

I have covered 120 KM highest distance on 24 March 2016 .

I will do 200 and 300 KM BRM first would be 200 and then 300.

I have cannondale quick 5 Hybrid

Thank you for the article

Technically, one doesn't need systematic training for long-distance rides. It's all about endurance, energy and tolerance. In fact, some off-saddle workout would greatly help you out if you can't find enough time for rides.

Hi Ashish,

I would like to know more about Mumbai Brevet. I am also interested to participate . I would like to know the rules and regulations, and other specific requirements. I used to ride long distances (Maximum is 100 KM)

Thanks in Advance,




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