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ok gearheads i need your help.

i use my 3700 primarily for criss crossing round mumbai - average 30km/day 4-5 days a week. its fun, fast and keeps me fit. however of late i've been feeling like maybe need to up the gear ratios a bit. i'm almost always in 3x6 and 3x7 and at times i could really use some extra speed. wouldn't hurt to slow down my cadence a notch and conserve some energy either. 

anybody have any recommendations? if i'm to attempt any sort of upgrade, i'd probably have to go all in and change pretty much everything yes? the only reason i'm even contemplating this is because i ride a 19.5" frame and those are hard to come by in this country, and so far the frame's held up well. oh and emotional attachment of course :)

so, 3 basic questions -

what are my options?

where are they available?

how much?

will take a call on whether its worth it or not from there. thanks!



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Dear Tarun

First of all I assume that you are using the Cityride Continental tyres for better rolling. Also check for slick MTB tyres at

As regards to modification and changing the gears and cogs not recemmended, rather by a good hybrid.

hi mandar
actually I'm not using slicks.. just the regular 1.95s the bike came with. I know I'm expending more energy and sacrificing some speed, but I just prefer the grip and feel, especially on the gravely, uneven roads I often find myself on. my problem is not so much that I want to ride faster as I want a higher ratio so I'm pedalling slower/fewer times to travel the same distance. thanks for the hybrid suggestion, but given my build and riding style I think it makes more sense to stick with what I've got until its time to upgrade the whole bike.
You said you have a Trek 3700? If you're riding 3x6 and 3x7 on Mumbai roads you're doing it all wrong. Time to rethink your riding style than waste money on drivetrain upgrades. (Tip: high cadence in low gears = good; low cadence in high gears = bad.)
hi hari
I'm confused by your post. I'm doing what all wrong? by 3 x 7 I mean largest chain ring up front and smallest cog at the back.. the gear you'd use for flat out speed. but assuming you already knew that I'm wondering what you meant by rethink my riding style.. I'm not specifically doing/not doing something in particular, just riding at a comfortable pace at depending on road and traffic conditions. moreover, why is a lower cadence on a higher gear bad? it's harder to pedal so its natural to pedal slower, I would think?

Measure your cadence. A moderately high cadence in any gear combo would be 90-100 spins a minute. You would need to be going *very* fast to achieve this in 3x7, and it's likely to be hard on your knees. I use 3x6 and 3x7 very rarely -- such as when there's a gentle descent with a clear sight of the road ahead. If you're in top physical condition (especially your legs) and finding the bike too slow, it's an indication you need a road bike and not an MTB.

Dear Tarun,

First find out the gear ratio of drive train by dividing front chain wheel teeths by rear wheel cog teeth & multiply the result with dia of rear wheel in inches. for example front chain wheel is 48 teeth & rear cog is 16 teeth, then divide 48 by 16, that will be 3 & multiply this with wheel dia i.e. say 26". The result will be 78.

The ratios from 70 to 80 are normal for riding on flat road.The ratios lower than 70 are for hills & ratios higher than 80 is for going down hill or in favour wind or going very fast in races. find out ratios for your all front chain wheel with rear cogs & use it accordingly.The cadence should be around 75.

This is general guide.As per your fitness you can use higher or lower gears.

thanks asit, lemme give that a shot and see what I come up with.

i think as the roads are more less smooth city roads and its a lite wt bike you can easily find free point of peddling where as, simply in city/lill off road 1.75-2.0 knob less tyres gives you more efficiency upto 20-30% in speed increment in same pedaling effort n same gears, however better to go with a bigger wheeled bike such as 29er/road based hybrid with 29er wheels,etc..for its 3X7 i think it have Mega range free wheel with 14T-34Teeth variant, but from 24speed bikes I mean 3X8 have 11T-34/36Teeth can give you a little bit more...nothing is available to give you huge,so don't spend....MTBs are having high gear ratios to concur tough tails..if you ride it in city and want speed..its like planning to ride a Landrover/toyota fortuner in city where you know it have more power but cant get the speed because its gear ratio is high to give the torque in off roads...

Hi Taroon,

Its been a while since this thread was opened. Was just wondering whether you did upgrade your drivetrain?

I have a similar requirement and I was tinkering with the idea of whether to upgrade just the crankset or the entire drivetrain? I'd really appreciate if you could give me any suggestion.





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