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Dear friends,

I just came across Giant Revel 1 and found it very impressive (in its segment sub 20K), users of both bikes are requested to share their views.


Thanks in advance




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i didnt use Giant Revel 1 but i have researched a lot about both these bikes for someone ....Personally I felt Revel1 is having much better components than Trek3700. Moreover Trek bikes are very much over priced. Check the reviews .....But i will vote for Giant Revel 1
thanks Loy, My views on Revel1 is similar to urs. But I see 3700 being more popular than Revel1 and certainly there may be some reason behind this.
Mukesh Trek3700 is more popular is India due to huge marketing, promoting. Trek3700 was giving Shimano Tourney rear deraileur few months back .....the same deraileur is there in Hercules. So you can imagine how the company has compromosied on components :P

ha ha ha ha............................a big Giant.......always ahead .........RevelD


when i bought Cannondale F7 in 2010 .....Trek 4300D was much more popular .......but most of the foreign touring biker recommended me to go for Cannondale rather than Trek just becoz of the components n geometry :) n they were right :)

Hey i have a Giant revel 1. Its an excellent bike i suggest you go for it!. You are comparing the wrong bikes. The revel 1 has the components that come on the trek 4300. So this bike is a trek 4300 that costs 5k less. I have ridden this bike for around 1000km now and the components are excellent. Visit a store and check out the bike youll be surprised the bike costs so less!

So decide between trek 4300 and the revel 1 forget the 3700!

I hope this review is not too late! Ask me question if you any glad to help!



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