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Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum but not to cycling. Just to get things warmed up, here's my first post:


Lately, there's a lot of discussions surrounding brakes. Sure, one of the most important aspects of a cycle but how much mojo are we willing to give for a good pair? and which pair?


I've ridden (a lot!) V-braked bikes and disc'd versions and here's my two cents - discs, though a little expensive and heavy, are light years ahead in performance and durability.  Not to mention the response time during the monsoons/wet conditions inclusive.








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True Leenol. Early braking always helps but let's face it there are times when we needed the slickest of the moves to define the fine line between falling and staying upright. SO for me too, discs it is.
In the mad city traffic that we have, you need strong responsive braking. V brakes are no match to discs.

Absolutely Tapesh. Moreover, with the approaching monsoons, I don't really trust the V-brakes anymore!


i would go with V brakes, it does the job well, i agree that the pads get weak after long use,  i prefer V brakes coz they skid well and V brakes are lighter than disc brakes. V brakes are more affordable as well, and easy to maintain. but i agree , when V brakes are tested against disc brakes, the disc brakes wins no doubt

On tarmac, V brakes will stop you just as effectively as discs. Period.   If race bikes can stop effectively using dual-pivot brakes or even canti brakes, you can be pretty sure that your mountain bike will stop just as quickly with V-brakes.


You do NOT need disc brakes on the road, rains or no rains.   And I say this having a pair of pretty high-end Hope Tech X2 disc brakes on my MTB.   Those come handy on steep trails - on tarmac, I have never missed them.   Hell, I just rode Manali-Leh on a road bike with canti brakes and never had a problem with stopping.   

I use V brakes and get the hydraulic effect when braking, my fork just moves in during emergency braaking, giving me confidence of not stooping
Nice Article.

At the speeds that most people here ride their MTBs on tarmac, and given that most people here dont have $500 hydraulics on their bikes, this is a very theoretical discussion.


In reality and given the riding that most people here do, a V-brake has the same real world stopping power as discs, period.    


It is quite funny that people are convinced that disc brakes are the be-all/end-all for their MTBs which are ridden at around 20-25kph, whereas roadies who ride at 30-40kph get by just fine with rim brakes.


If you cannot stop safely with V-brakes while riding in the city, you dont know how to brake.

As discs came for improved braking so discs r anytime better.but if u wana choose chipoo disc,then go 4 v with that best things 4 disc is very long pad life.i find v pads which cost 1-200/-,having very bad burability of 2wk.where china made disc n pads going wel v r not chief.for v,its lite,n do well than entry dics.
Ure right, right now thebike with dics brakes being sold in india like schwinn, firrefox or atleast herro or hercules are equipped with cheap disc brakes, so it is better to save money and go for v brakes. Disc brakes of trek, merida or canondale will bo good according to the bike price
At least a tektro novela/iox,bellow go 4 v.dnt buy promax discs.i fing some caliper u brake better than it.though a china made disc Vanum having fantastic locking power.
Yes,hercules given Zoom disc brake is worlds worst brake i ever seen,i test ride at least 10 n no 1 is performing,full tight cable,full pressure given,till bike is running at a speed.just rediculas.public se mar khana par jaega.ha ha



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