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Volunteers needed for the 300KMS Randonneurs ride

The 300 BRM ride is coming up on 10th July and we need some volunteers at the control points. The route is from Nariman Point to Talasari and back.

Please contact Prabodh Keny or Satish if you wish to help out.

Much appreciated!


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I would like to volunteer. I stay in Thane and can volunteer at one of the control points. Please let me know how to contact Prabodh or Satish.
I'm available to volunteer ....... call me on 9820003241
hey gautam, will be good to see you!
this is what is required of volunteers...
* one volunteer will be needed to see teh participants off between 6 and 7 am. at nariman point
* one (with vehicle and company if possible as it is a long wait) to be postioned at the 139km check point from 9am till 5pm to sign cards of riders on way out and again on the way back!
* one (with vehicle and company) to be positioned at the 150km turn aournd check point from 10 am till 4 pm to do the same.
* one volunteer is required to recieve incoming riders at finish point at nariman point between 3pm till 2am. this one really needs to carry a book, laptop, bring a few freinds etc... it's an 11 hour wait!
Hey Divya looking forward to catchng up! I'm game for any of the first three tasks ..... the last one is tough ..... have to be back home to tend to a pregnant wife in her 8th month ..... ;-)
do i need to say ???



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