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My first post here and it's for help!!

My wife and I desperately need to get back in shape and we chose cycling as the medium.. Now, the next thing that we want to do is select the best bikes for us.. We celebrate our anniversary in 2 days time and we could not think of a better gift for ourselves.. 2 brand new cycles. :)

I  have been reading through these pages for the last week or so and I understood that the best way to choose would be to get out and visit the stores. We did visit a couple of stores and one of the dealer suggested a brand named Fantom. However, I don't remember reading about this brand on your page. Any experience of using this brand?

And yes, going out to the stores has only added to our confusion. Could you please suggest a few good cycles to get us on the right path? Some of our requirements are:

- We need it for daily workout purposes. After a few months of good cycling, we might take it out on a few short trips with friends.

- We don't really need a geared cycle. We will be mostly using it on tarmac roads. What do you think?

- We have a budget of about 6K for each cycle.

- I am about 6ft tall and weigh about 95Kgs. I also have a history of back problems. In fact, I had to quit riding my racer a few years back because of my troublesome back. Therefore, I am looking for something that gives me a more upright and comfortable ride.

Some of the bikes I am considering:

- BSA Mach City. However, I do not like the thin tyres on it.

- MyBike from Decathlon. I have only seen this and haven't taken a ride. The first Decathlon store in Mumbai opens in Thane on 15th. Am waiting for it.

Looking forward to your inputs.



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The MyBike is by far the best option in the 6K segment (not that you have much else by way of choice). Wait for the Decathlon store to open and check it out. As far as I recall it comes in two colours -- white and black -- so you could perhaps get one of each. But choose the right frame size. You would need a large. if your wife is over 5'5" she would probably need a medium, else a small. Measure your inseam and get yourself fitted in person.

Thanks a lot, Hari! Yes, it does come in 2 colors, white and black. And I checked out the size chart also online and you got it perfectly right. Large for me and a medium for my wife.

A couple of follow up questions:

- When we talk about the size of bikes, what exactly are we talking about? The distance between the seat and the handle? Or, the overall length of the bike?

- A dealer told me that Indian made bikes like BSA, Hercules etc do not manufacture bikes by the size. They are mostly all of the medium frame. Is this true? He told me that if I need a large size, I would need to go in for an imported bike like montra or firefox.

- Does anyone know the cost of the MyBike? The Decathlon site says 6K but I saw a few posts on this site where people say it cost them about 4K. Is this true? Are the rates different if purchased in the store and online?

Thanks a lot for your help, people!

The 'size' in this case refers to the frame size, and its not just in one dimension -- the ETT (effective top tube) length, standover height, saddle setback, stem angle, could all be affected. The wheel size would however remain the same. A simple test would be to straddle the bike -- there should be at least an inch or two of clearance (more if it's an MTB) between your crotch and the top tube. If there isn't, things can get uncomfortable if you need to dismount in a hurry. Saddle height and handlebar reach can be adjusted to some extent, but getting the right frame size is the single most important step. Fine-tuning comes next.

Indian-made bike frames are a medium 18", which could be too cramped for anyone over 5'9" or so. The BSA Mach does come in a 22" frame size, but the MyBike has better fit and finish. Its MRP is 6K but I suppose if you have a Decathlon membership (or buy on someone else's membership) you get about 20% off. If you know a member go for it. Buying online may be slightly cheaper than MRP but you will need to assemble the bike yourself -- or find someone who will do it for you. At this price point I don't think it's worth the trouble, really. 

Perfect! Thanks a lot once again!

I think I'll visit the store on the 15th itself.. Hope they have some first day opening discounts. :)

It's hard to find decathlon members here in Mumbai given that their first store is just opening up.

That would be perfect, Amar! Thanks a lot!

I'll visit the store on 15th anyways and try out the cycle first. If it suits me, I will contact you and coordinate for the 17th/18th.

Thanks once again. :)

Egarly waiting for decathlon to to buy rock rider 5.1....

Guys.. I visited a couple of stores yesterday.. and I've decided that I can increase my budget to about 10K if I get something really good. At 6K, MyBike was the only real option.

I visited Firefox store at Thane and the bikes I saw at that store were real WOW! The guy, Jose, kept Firefox and Trek mostly. The bikes and his talk was really inspiring. Trek is definitely out of my budget for now.

I visited another store in Malad called Cycle City. They had a variety of brands in my budget but I am not sure of them. They had brands like Fantom and SunStar.. Any idea how good these brands are? I've heard about Fantom a little though but never about SunStar. He also had LA Soverign.

I was hoping the Malad guy would have BTwin as well. I wanted to get a glimpse of the RR5.0 before I try the Decathlon store on Saturday.

What do you suggest? Would the RR5.0 fit my budget? If yes, would you recommend it?

If no, what do you think of Fantom, SunStar and LA??

Thanks guys!

Rockrider 5.0 is a good choice. It's arguably the best bike currently available in the 10K bracket. Bear in mind that it has Revo shifters (trigger shifters are better) and the frame is made of steel, not alloy. The latter isn't exactly a disadvantage if you ask me. If you like to keep things simple and don't intend to go on long rides, MyBike is ample. If you live in hilly terrain or intend to go on long weekend rides, gears are always welcome. So it's ultimately your call. No idea about Fantom and Sunstar etc. And if Cycle City is the shop on Malad Link Road near the Toyota showroom, I have heard people express dissatisfaction with their service. Got no personal experience though. Besides, at that time it was known as Vogue Bikes -- the ownership could have changed. Jo of Firefox I know personally and since he's a biker himself, his enthusiasm comes through. 

Hey.. thanks a lot, Hari! You seem to have a boxful of information. :) And more importantly, ready to share. :)

I'll post about my buy on this forum soon.


Finally.. I got our bikes.. 2 RR5.0.. One is the regular grey RR for men.. and the other a white one for my wife..

Rode it from the showroom to my place.. which is a good 16Kms.. Luckily had a friend to assist me.. The ride had a few uphills and it really took a toll on us..

Did about 5kms on the bike today morning.. Damn, it's tiring.. I'm still getting used to the pain on the butt.. Guess there is no workaround to it..

Enjoying the sweet pain in my legs though. :)

Thanks a lot, Hari for all your inputs.. 

As starters, it's normal for yr butt to ache and not be able to ride for more than 5-6kms, right?? I hope so..

I plan to slowly increase to about 10kms per day by the end of Jan.. Is this gradual enough? Or should I increase/decrease the distance covered per day?

Great - what was the buying experience like? Post a couple of pics. It's normal to huff and puff in the beginning but you will build up stamina gradually. 10 km at a stretch is doable right away unless you're a very unfit 40+ and/or have a physical condition that requires you to exercise caution. The butt ache will lessen over time, but do not ignore any severe pain, especially on the tailbone. That said, it's better not to rely on a gel seat cover. If you ride at least three times a week, within three months you should be comfortable doing 50+ km weekend rides. On my first ride after nearly two decades (Thane to Dahisar via Ghodbunder road) I slowed to a crawl and eventually got off and pushed the bike up one steep grade. These days it's still challenging but I don't need to get off the saddle. :)

The folks at Decathlon were super helpful.. the guy at the Cycling department, Pankaj knows his stuff.. at least, I thought so.. He and a couple of other guys helped me pick the right size and answered all my questions. I visited their store a couple of times before I finally purchased the bikes and every time I went there, they were there to help me out.

I'll share pics in a few days.. with the festive season and my new found cycling enthusiasm, I'm having early days and early nights. :)

Thanks for your words of encouragement.. I am slowly getting used to the hard, small saddle.. it hurts most when I ride into the bumps on the roads.. but other than that, it's manageable.. :)

Am still getting used to the gears.. I hope to understand my body and my bike soon.. I know I'll be able to use the gears optimally only when I understand these.. Let's see how it goes..

Btw.. did 10kms today without too much discomfort.. Looks encouraging.. :)



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