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What is the proper and best method to clean and lube a bike?

I have Forefox roadpro. Just completed Mumbai Goa tour. want to clean bike myself. 

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I use water and mild detergent for the frame (avoid squirting it with force at the bottom bracket and joints), rinse it, let it dry out in the sun, and polish with a dry cloth. Then I turn it upside down so it's resting on the seat and handlebars, and add lubricant to the chain, one drop to a link, and wipe off any excess with a lint-free cloth. A drop could also be applied to the brake/pedal joints and cable nipples. I use Finishline Green for the chain; it should be available at any Firefox Bike Station. If you don't ride in wet conditions Finishline Red is good enough. Remember not to over-apply the lube, or else you will find the drivetrain - and your clothes - getting dirty on your very next ride.

Of course, if your chain is dirty that has to be cleaned first. I use a degreaser and an old toothbrush. If it's *really* filthy and clogged you may have to open/break a link to remove it and soak/shake it thoroughly in a solvent first (kerosene will do at a pinch) before reattaching and lubing. Avoid spraying WD-40.



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