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Well, I am trying to find the bikes used by the bikers here. Need to know why they have chosen (purpose!) and advantage/disadvantage for it.
This is to know which are the popular bikes available!

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I have a Trek 3700. I'm yet to ride any other bike better than this one available at the price range....well how good is it pls read Renny's blog abt Titwala Ride, you'll get your answers.
I don't own a bicycle yet but I've checked out some and planned to buy a hamilton..don't know the model. Will let you know once I buy it finally. :)
None of the bikes I ride are available in India. Do you still need that info?
I have two bikes, a Hero Hawk 10 speed (The Hawk) and a Hero Thunder MTB 21 speed (Thor).
The Hawk is over 12 years old and I have ridden it very extensively (for commuting and pleasure riding) for six years. For riding within a city, with little loads and on tarmac, nothing can beat a road bike. It has a relatively stiff frame and while it is of high tensile steel and is not light, its still quite nice to ride in the city. It has steel wheels which are heavy but strong, and if I keep the 1.25 inch tyres inflated hard, it handles the bumps on the road relatively easily. I have been looking for 1.75 tyres (27" wheel) which are hard to come by. This would have been just right for the Bombay city roads.

Recently I picked up my brother's Hero Thunder MTB. I have never been a particular fan of MTB's, but this bike was alloy and a relatively straightforward diamond frame with no suspension, and therefore stiff and light. Further, to my happiness, my brother had replaced the flat handlebars with drop handlebars. I like the tighter geometry compared to The Hawk and have been riding it extensively. Since it does not have suspension, there is no pedalling effort lost, and I do not get that bobbing feeling that a suspension bike gives me. The only improvement I would make on this bike is to replace the tires which are 2.25" with slightly narrower tyres, maybe 1.75. That would make this the nicest bike for me to ride. I will do that after the present set of tires wear out.
well i use a MTB. just front suspension, Firefox Target. I am more than happy, riding it almost daily from last 8 to 9 months for approx 28 km and week end "depends".(purchased it, coz of the road condition in mumbai, even i like road bikes, it's a different kind of pleasure while riding road bikes).

Firefox is one of a good brand if you compare current market scenario(india).

Coz as Prabuddha mentioned he has a 12 years old Hawk. I dont think that kind of cycle is still available in India. coz of cheap Chinese products pumping in.. and Indian companies also have to follow the trend to catch up with the market, quality is for a toss.

PS: almost all imported bikes are made in china and neighboring areas. But still brands will try to maintain quality.

In few weeks i am planing to buy a new bike Trek 4300 or Merida Sub 40 V. not planing for Disk break. as we don't cycle on those kind of trails, And also a simple Indian racer cycle, but some time later.
You know what Anoop, while the present lot of Chinese bikes may be cheap and low quality, another point ip that steel lasts longer than aluminium. Its more resilient and fatigue resistant. I do admit my Hawk is of pretty low grade steel, as borne out by its weight, but still, being steel, it is expected to last. How many roadsters have you seen last ages with no maintenance?
I have 4 bikes in my stable if you will.

1. 2006 Specialized Tarmac Pro with Dura Ace components and Rolf Aspin wheels.
2. 2007 Limited Edition Ferrari Colnago with Campagnolo Record 10 components Hand made in Italy
3. 2008 Specialized Epic FSR Mountain bike (stock bike).
4. 2007 BMC Time Machine 2 Time Trial Bike with Hed Jet 60 Carbon wheels.

There are only advantages with all the bikes above.
Hi Rajesh, I am curious about the TT bike's geometry. Is the wheel base shorter than say, the Colango? Also, is the seat tube angle sharper? How do undulations on the road feel? A lot more pronounced? And with your weight heavily on the handlebars, how does the steering feel? I guess the head angle is more sloping than on a traditional road bike?

BTW, from the look of your stable, I guess you commute by car.
Yes the wheel base is a little shorter than both my Colnago and my Specialized. Also It is a size smaller for a more more compact fit. My specialized is a 56cm bike, I like to climb with it as it gives me more room to maneuver while standing, the Colnago is a 54, great for sprints, extremely fast bike, it is the same frame that Alessandro Petacchi Rides! While the BMC is a 52!! BMC is very aerodynamic, compared to the Colnago and the Specialized. It is a bumby ride though as it is Aluminum with carbon forks, while the other 2 are complete carbons. The weight is not on the handle bar, it is quite similar to a regular road bike with more weight resting on the saddle.

My wife commutes to work by bike, we also have a Trek 1000. I never use bike for anything other than my bike rides. I prefer to drive :-)
Lol we should change the title to "What bikes does Rajesh have?" :P

Anyways mine is a Hero Hawk Nu-Age road bike from Hero Cycles. Specs are almost similar to what Prabuddha described. Used to be a 15 speed bike. But had lot of issues with the gears. And after one occasion where the front crank simply bent (bad quality i guess) and replaced it with a regular hard steel crank and took off the gear setup. And now the bike runs wonderfully.As a single speed but I am not complaining. The single speed helps me work even harder on the mountains I guess.
I have added the rear red taillights(RALEIGH) and Cyclocomp(ASIS Taiwan) later. Had also taken off the front aero bar (U-shape bar) which come standardwith the bike(the geometry somehow spoiled my riding).The clamps that were left, I utilized to fit two Eveready LED torches (very durable stuff). and I have plans to rework and use the Aero-bar as wall holders for my bike. But having a lot of opposition from my mom about that :P She wont let me touch the walls.

Clean the bike myself with WD-40 and oil the chain(havent done for 2 weeks though). I too plan to add a second bike to my stable- an MTB once I shift to my new place. Hopefully should make enough dough to get a TREK/ Merida.
I know!! That is why I was avoiding this post for a few days :-) I need to go for some therapy!
My first long ride to Lonavala was on my friend's bike in January last year..Then there was a long break in cycling..Later when I thought of having my own bike I had no idea what are bikes available and which bike exactly do I go for...But I didnt want to delay start my cycling anymore so decided to go for a used Indian MTB...Visited lot of cycle shops and saw those rusted bikes for sale which never impressed me..Finally got one good bike thru an ad posted on net..This bike Hamilton MTB has a basic frame, lightweight as it has no fancy bars and frame like most 'heavy' Indian MTBs have..After getting it serviced and new tyres it cost me 1200..Now I can keep my cycling on..Also meanwhile during my long rides I get to ride my friend's bikes and discuss with them technical details about bikes which will help me finally switch over to a better bike in next few months...



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