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Well, I am trying to find the bikes used by the bikers here. Need to know why they have chosen (purpose!) and advantage/disadvantage for it.
This is to know which are the popular bikes available!

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i have a crossbow whic is pretty good
try getting a fire fox ,semi offroad , so u can kic it even on dirt tracks on the week ends, i also have a bmx for the stunts
I don't have one.
But I am zeroing on Trek 4300 after reading lots of positive reviews.
Can anyone please suggest a good dealer (around Andheri, if possible) in Mumbai.
What would be the dealer (offer and negotiated) price?
Anything I should check for in the bike while buying? Anything extra to be added / adjusted?
I am 5'11 height 80 kg, does it equate to a particular frame size by any means?
I called one dealer, they said they are out of stock and will have to order one if I am sure of buying.
Can someone please help me out buy this bike so I can join the team in next adventure?

Cheers :)
Hey Guys,

I have a Cat Eye Enduro Bike Computer.

When I try to set the tyre size in the Comp, I get a 2 digit figures (I guess its in mm). What size do I put in for my Trek 3700?

Can anyone help me on this?

But The chart i saw on the net has couple of various number for 26" a well..

Size CMS
26 x 1.75 202
26 x 1.95 205
26 x 2.00 206
26 x 2.1 207
26 x 2.125 207
26 x 2.35 208
26 x 3.00 217

Whats the Tyre Sizeof Trek 3700???

26x ????
Hi Ash, the other numbers refer to the width of the tyre - in any case, you can find the size marked on the tyre wall itself . I think the standard 3700 comes with 26 x 2 inch tyres.
Right Makarand ...its 26 inches diameter & the next digits show the width / thickness of the tyre .

So 26 *1.17 means 26 inches diameter 7 1.75 inches width / thickness.

But Road bikes are mostly with mm diameter that is 700 mm/70cm is the normal size .

the best way to callibrate the Bike computer is to fix it on the cycle & take trials as below to ascertain the accuracy of readings .

1 ) Enter the diameter in inches on the computer & mark on the road / concrete ground with chalk upto 10/20 meters , place marks every 1 / 2 meters
2) Place a chalk mark on the side of the tyre & match it with one on the starting point on the ground .
3 ) Roll the Cycle slowly & note the reading on the Cyclocomp ....check if this accurately corresponds to the one on the road .
4) Try this with both readings ie inches & centimetres , check which one is most accurate .
5 ) Make sure the Ground is flat :) .
6) Once done with this methodlogy .....load the results of that on this topic so that many will be able to follow You .
Hi Gautam,

I have used the Tyre size chart and entered 206 cms as the circumference in the Comp.

Lets see how accurate Odo it gives...

Thanks for all the help..
Go for the Trek 3700 Man...

I have been riding it for the past 4 months.. Its amazing..
Tryout every single bike before you take a decision ....the Orbea website says thet will tailor make / assemble parts as per the buyers choices of different fittings ...if this is really true then its really worth giving a try . they are having a Trial & Display session in Bandra bike manufacturer allows trials before purchase .

There is a Big Company Showroom of Firefox / Trek in Sanpada You will be able to see many varieties there .

Pl do read other articles on this forum about bike selection contributed by our fellow members .

I ride this Merida 901
I have got a specialized p.2 15'' frame (small) perfect for my size cuz i just 13 and into street and DJ and but it is not available in india expt for the ride2026 bike shop.
Hello fellow cyclists :)

Please if somebody could shed some light on :-> Merida UMF Hardy 5

I'm looking forward to buy this bike.We we doing a lot of off road biking and morever the roads around this part are really not trust worthy lot of potholes as big as craters so a road bike it out of question.

What i need to know is...

1) Is it a bang for the price?
2)The components on the bike
3)Has anybody got a UMF bike and knows personally how good/bad are they?. Merida i have heard but this sub-brand UMF doesnt ring a bell.
4)Some pros and cons of this particular model.

Cheers fellas and thanx in advance.Really appreciate if you could add some extra details on your own about this bike and experiences.

G'day Bikers.



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