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Well, I am trying to find the bikes used by the bikers here. Need to know why they have chosen (purpose!) and advantage/disadvantage for it.
This is to know which are the popular bikes available!

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hey man. i have this bike at gear the bike shop. why not ride it and make your own opinion!! its a good bike for the money, and handles well. the fork is also better than he other "XC" bikes.
call us on 2640-9139
Hey rahul thanx for the reply...

If you could reply and shed some more light on the bike compared to other bikes in the same price bracket.The pros and cons and if that bike it worth that price tag or is there something better in the offering.
Hi guys,

I own a Trek 4300 & i simply love this bike........................its very sturdy, with smooth gears, light weight, front shocks. Been using it for the last 3 months & no complains..........i would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into hardtrail riding...............above all its an excellent climber.
Its the best trail bike in its price range. The frame and fork have super handling on the hills and this bike can take a beating.
Othrs : matts 40. Merida. Is lighter and more cross country than hardy
Cannondale F7. Bit more on the money but way superior. We have it for display. And test ride.
Well well... I have the nicest bike one can lay their legs on. I bought it from a roadside cycle shop near my house a year back. I presume it must be the sturdiest bike available. The previous owner seemed to have used and abused it to the max... the back tyre was butter smooth from riding, the chaincover had only scratches and it even came with a complimentary bell installed (tringg tringgg... the owner surely cared about other's safety). And yet it looked extremely ridable. From the few patches of paint intact on the fenders, looked like they were black, whereas the diamond frame cool blue. It's a Hercules MTB (year unknown).

Took the same bike to Harne (Kokan) in Jan this year after a small overhaulin. Nd not a single tyre puncture. Not a single break failure. Not a pang of bum pain. Only suffered from handlebar palsy after I came back (attribute that more to my lack of practice than the bike's design). Along with me, the bike even suffered a nasty fall after just 20 km into the ride, but gallantly rode the next 490 without a single repair.

Now isn't that the nicest bike to have come across :)

P.S. After a nice, long gap of almost 7 months, took it for a ride this weekend nd tho it's a bit rusted now, still showed promise to do another 500 on a stretch.
I lost this thread. Since my last contribution to this thread back in December, my stable has changed a little.
The new additions to the past list are
1.Pinarello Paris Carbon, Sram Red with Fulcrum racing Zero Wheelset.
2.Bianchi Volpe.
I got a FireFox Cyclone (bought in Jan 2009) after my 6 year old faithful Hero Thunder was pinched from the parking lot.

Thinking of upgrading to a Trek 4300. provided the FF sells without much depreciation :-).

I use my bike for office commute and weekend long rides.
I recently bough Hawk Nu-age. Main reason was price and purpose. Here is my initial reviews
Dahon Vitesse D7 Archer...
Why: Easily folded and can stay with me anytime & anywhere
Advantage: small and beautiful
Disadvantage: -
Jus bot a Trek 3700 (2010 model)...
brought a Trek 4300( 2010 Model) from Jo-Firefox..looking absolutely stunning & feels secure while riding it..!!
i use a hero hawk 6 speed ........ its light and quite tall by frame itself . its gud enuf to ride within city limits ......



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