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Hi All,

I am looking for a bicycle to buy, I am totally pissed off with my Hero Hawk and I want to go for a really good bike. I tried to do a research on road bikes in local shops in Pune and Mumbai. Also I try to find out people who are having exclusive imported cycles, but I could just find a pure business man in all of them who do not bother about cycling but just earn money any how. I am planning for a long ride about 1500 Km +, according to my brain I should go for Hybrid cycles, but my heart says no way i should go for Hybrid cycles, I should go for road bike or race bike as this is not the only cycling i am going to do. I wish I could have one race bike which is made from full carbon fiber. But here is some problem I do not find any option to physically see the bike and secondly the cost. I have other option of getting the used cycles from the racing teams. I do not know how reliable is it?. I have many such questions and couldnt find right place to find answers for it. Please help me. I am planning to buy the bike by strt of Dec

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Please Help

Hi Hitesh,

my sincere suggestion to you. Try to visit a few reputed showrooms in your city, be frank with the sales guy regarding your needs, expectations & budget. If you are in Pune, people at Lifecycle, Surinder Cycle are there to help you, me feels. I have purchased my Cannondale Q5 & I remember how the sales guy Yogesh spent more than two hours with me & guided me, though the bike exceeded my budget (Q5), no regrets ultimately.


Hence the advice.

Ride 2026  Aundh-pune, Chitraban apartmrnt, try

call Sandip@09922083950

Best choice is Aluminium frame, to preserve money to choose good parts !!

For same price you can have good quality aluminium frame or bad quality carbon frame.

Put money in good wheels, this the good idea you will immediatly feel the difference

Good ride guy



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