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why is trek , scott etc etc so expensive compared to hero or bsa ??

im planing of buying a new cycle !!! and when i check out few store i saw trek and scoot and few other brand are way too expensive compared to hero, bsa, hercules etc .... so why are they to expensive ?? and are they worth for the extra money ??

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hi Rayyan,

all the brands like Trek ,Schwinn, Scott etc. are international brands(american and europian). their products get manufactured at china and then they are imported to respective countries. because of the high customs duty on bicycles in our country, these bikes turn out to be expensive. but because of their quality they are still prefered by many people here ..specially who are into peofessional biking.

if you want to have a look at a good indian brand having similer specs and quality as these internationa brands, you should check out a new brand called MONTRA. this is a joint venture by BSA and Hercules and you will find this brand at Track and trail outlets. i have check their Rock-1 mountain bike and it had the same specs as the cheapest Schwinn and it was a lot cheaper than schwinn.

so basically if you are not very much into the brand thing, then you may check out their bikes.


thanks a lot i have not heard about montra till now .... will surely check it out !!! do you think montra is as good as trek ?? as i use cycle every day to college and i love cycling so i want to buy a good one !!! 

thanks again !!

I think its really not fair to compare montra with Trek because Trek is an international brand it was established in 1970's. and after much development over the years, it has become one of the most respected brands in the industry. Montra is a very new brand and you can read about it on their website that it was formed just last year and its totally indigenous.

though i must say that i am not a good judge of this as im not a professional cyclist or anything. im just trying to get back to cycling after a break of say 14-15 years. but after seeing the bikes, i feel that montra is definately comparable to the starting range of any  international brand.

if you go to any of the shops which stock all these brands, you will be able to decide for yourself.

take care and ride safe.


i check out montra and there where like 5 cycles there !!! and the rock 1 is quit good !! so i think I will check out that and trek 3500 in some shop !! and see which one is better !!! 

btw thanks a lot !!!

how is adidas genius is that good ???

buy a Hero Hawk; the best ROAD bike

i m looking for a MTB hardtail cycle as i use it for stunts also !!!

u can get a bike beyond your budget, in your budget on CYCLOP.

it that like 2nd hand cycles ??


thanks dude !!!! will see if i like any cycle there !!!



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