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Hi guys,

Sometime back I had a wee bit of a test ride on a Trek 29er (Gary Fisher series) at a bike shop and really liked the feel, but since it was just a test ride, I wasn't on it more than 5 mins.

I'm curious to know how 29er's (bikes with 29''ø wheels as opposed to the normal 26''ø) fare as compared to 26er''. I've done some online reading on many bike forums since then, but there is not a general consensus, some swear by their 29ers while others say 26ers can handle corners better, I've also read contradictory statements that 29ers can climb more efficiently while others say 26ers climb better. I do understand that these statements are from pros and each one of them have their own personal preferences and skillsets.  There is a general consensus however that 29ers have more speed  and roll over obstacles better among others

My main question is do the 29ers climb better? I do a lot of uphill and intend/attempt to practice even more so if anybody riding a 29er doing ghats or major uphills can share their experiences it would be really great.


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I love my CX bikes as well, Will - only thing is, the ones that are available in India generally tend to be out of the price range of most people, costing well beyond even entry-level road bikes.   And given that entry-level road bikes present a huge sticker shock to most people, you can see why most people don't consider them.

Which is a shame - cos for local conditions, roads, and the type of riding most people do, a CX bike is the best option.

this article just in time :

The reader comments are interesting.



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