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Have You ever tried riding a cycle  in the Park street - C.R.Avenue - Gorabagan- Girshpark route... well Once I was Caught and fined fr doing the same... Felt like a Criminal...hahahahahah... So what Future does Cycling have in Kolkata where it is banned on most of the roads .... !!! 

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That's really silly! Why would Kolkata cops fine someone for cycling? Had no idea it was literally banned on so many roads. One would think Kolkata was more cycle friendly. Even Howrah bridge allows cyclists.
it's a little unbelievable. do chek on this tho... i mean is it really a rule? where and who and why? like an RTO or something??
in this country where cycling is a means of transport for such a huge number of the population and no mass transport solutions from the government that can possibly take the load.... it is ridiculous!!
some roads bear the "NO CYCLING" board at various places, C.R. Avenue being one...and cops do catch cyclists on prohibited roads. there is only two ways of evading, either you ride in the wee hours or when there is no cops.
I rode on these roads in the morning , even rode on the RED ROAD, but these roads become pretty risky when there is good amount of traffic, there is an easy chance of one getting run over.
But there is always a way, and in this case, all these "NO CYCLING" roads have either a parallel road or an alternative route which is open for cyclist, and cops wont fine you if you cross important "NO CYCLING" crossings by walking the cycle.
@Arpanda, i hav bn riding all over Kolkata for last few year,almost every road,from Red Rd,CR Avemue,VIP Rd,Bypass,Park Circus,.even my very own Belgachia Bridge hav 1No cycling` boards.. :-)
hope a few tips wud be helpful for passionates like us,..
1.KP organize occational checking in major crossings,like it did yesterday..even d safest crossings were crowded wid Sergents,in these cases,identifying the police activity from the distance and using the bylanes, will do the trick..and walk the cycle if u dont find any..
2.Central Avenue,Maidan and Splanade area is most risky Kolkata road for cycles,in this cases,the timing and clear knowledge of all the surrounding roads are vital,usually cops start to crack down cycles after 9 a.m.,till den the area is pretty safe..after that,you must avoid the CR avenue and take the Wellington-Boubazar is always safe..
Dear Friends,

is'nt it funny/ridiculous if we have to get down and walk when we can cycle... ofcourse in areas of congestion it is safer for us and easier for other drivers of mass transport as their acceleration is faster than ours. What I want to say is if accidents are the cause for banning cycling then all bikes and cars and buses too should be banned as they have a far greater share in transporting people to the Other world !!!..... I pity those kids living in No-Cycling Zones as there parents will not allow them to go cycling .You know common feeling we all have when we sit on the saddle...The Freedom of going anywhere, anytime ...
On the lighter side... I feel like a criminal whenever I cycle past a Policeman even in a cycling heartBeat increases and I never look at them..and my speed increases..hahahha... Arpan , get the same as we all belong to this No-cycling State...hahaha
Ha ha, feels like we are revolutionaries..fighting against the establishment!!
Yes... Would like to use the Press to make people aware of benefits and fun of cycling but For kolkata we have to raise this Issue of Cycling zones with the proper authorities.We will make Kolkata a Cycling Zone !!!

warst but true,......we r in a car friendly black city,we cannot ride over 2nd bridge,any can rode with a moped but not a super road bike can ,................its shame of my city,public are verrrrrrrrrrry less interested and aware in cycling there benefits n as a sports too..............cycle is a transportation of poor



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