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Kolhapur-Goa-Kolhapur 1-2 Days travel, 1-2 days rest, 1-2 days for return Journey

Trying to sound out an event here for the first time. let's see how is the response.

Kolhapur to Goa. Map and inclination profile is included. KOP-BARDEZ.png  Travel date is not fixed. I am just trying to sound out loud to find out how many people would be interested in such an event. 

I have traveled alone from Kolhapur to Gargoti + 15 Kms (for initial recon), climbed Ghat section after Gargoti and reached till about 62 Kms from Kolhapur. Map and elevation profile attached - KOP-62%20Mark.png. I came back on the same route and I clocked around 120 Kms. I started at 8 AM and I was back home at 4 PM. So traveled about 110-120 Kms in 8 hours, about 15Kms/Hr was my average speed. My bike is a 28" hybrid bike. So, almost 2/3 journey was completed in 8 hours. Also while travelling back I have to climb 2 ghat sections, but to reach Goa we would have only one ghat section and then most of the route is either downhill or flat.

If one looks at first link there is quite a bit of gradient (ups-Downs) till 130 Kms. But it seems after that. till Bardez it is all downhill. 

As an adventure I would like to complete this travel from KOP to Bardez in one day. But if I get a company and if they find this is going to be not possible, then I am open to take a halt in Chandgad or Ajra depending on route we take.

For gradient purpose, the route I have posted has least gradient which is 1300 Meters of climb and route is via Nipani, Gadhinglaj, Chandgad, Dodamarg.

Idea behind this tour is, adventure and to check if I am able to cope with whatever comes my way like eating, staying at a hotel at which I am normally not willing to stay. Like sacrificing creature comforts and also cleanliness. After reaching Bardez I suppose there are plenty of hotels to choose from.

Please do let me know if anyone is interested to come along and have a good time. 

PS: after reaching Bardez stay for a day or two, rest for return journey and reach back to Kolhapur.

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