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Calling all interested members to have regular rides.

We can plan regular Saturday/Sunday rides.

We can also plan late evening rides.

Festive day morning rides also possible.

Request to pour in suggestion. Lets meet & work it out.

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Kya hua......No replies yet...lets do it man.

I am in for regular rides, have done them while i was in PUNE but my problem is that i dont own a bike. so if anybody could assist me with renting or leasing bikes then I am absolutely in.

I am in for a regular weekend ride. I anyway do it with my son every Sunday Morning. We start from Shrirang society in Thane (where I live) and take a random route for an hour of bicycle ride around Thane city, almost always ending up somewhere near the railway station. We start at about 6.15 am and return by 7.30.

And do not be inhibited by my son riding with me because although he is only 11, he has a good grip on these rides and enjoys these rides! So anybody willing to join us is most welcome, just let me know beforehand so we could meet. The only conditions are wearing a helmet on these rides and riding safely!

Hi Atul,

Good to see you have you 11year old son who accompanies you. I am Agnelo & I stay at Bhandup.

hope you see you soon.



Hi Agnelo,

I wish to see you soon, too! In fact not only you but I would love to connect with as many bikers as possible. Getting all bikers together is a way of making an impact on the world of motorized transport and the sheer number of bicyclists together will hopefully convince more and more people to take up this alternate, pocket and eco-friendly and independent mode of transport. Show the strength and the weaker sections will follow!!

Although I may not bring my son on a ride on the EEH soon, I am planning a solo trip from Thane to perhaps Gandhinagar junction some weekend on an early morning with my camera. I will let you know and we can go together if you are interested, just that I may stop frequently for a photo opportunity!

hey i live in airoli 

i can meet u up at bhandup pumping stop

let me know if u are still cycling at the high way

whatsapp me on 9821796979

Dear Fellow Cyclists,


A long weekend is approaching (29-31 March). Any plans for a weekend ride on any of these days?

im in 

im in on wekkends for lbs or estrn express



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