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I was planning to ride from my home (chembur) to my office [Andheri(W)] almost everyday but was hesitating in taking up a decision as I haven't come across any1 doing or even thinking of a crazy-trip like mine.....Is there anyone who put some lights on this crazy trip of mine

I am planning to buy my very first cycle on 1st September but having lots of thoughts in mind....which is stopping me to decide.....


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hi siddarth, u will find many cyclists in mumbai who cycle to work ... so if ur planning to cycle from chembur to andheri which will be around 10kms or less you can easily do this distance in an hour time ... i myself cycle sometimes from ghatkopar to matunga to work which is around 13km and takes me around 40mins so its not a big deal as such. you will find it little difficult initially if not used to cycling but slowly you will enjoy and get used to it ... be particular in choosing ur ride as in what activities u gonna use it for apart from work .... i ll suggest go for an MTB as per mumbai road conditions its the best for starters.


i m planning to buy Raleigh elevation Dual suspension or Fomas Sunfire or Hardrock Dual Suspension as they fall under my budget of 7k-8k.....wat say??

Dear Siddh... I ride from Chembur to Andheri (E) - Chandivali since Jan.. though not everyday...i used to ride through asalfa but is a nightmare dodging the traffic..more recently I have started through the EEH - IIT though its almost 18 kms and a lot more effort..but its fun...

I usually start at 7:30 am... let me know..



Oh!! route is Chembur-Andheri (W) - Oshiwara Depot
i also cannot ride everyday little skeptical :)
my route can be Chembur-Sion-Dharavi-Kala Nagar-Andheri (E)/goregoan flyover - cross the bridge & reach office
my overall Kms would be 15-18kms almost like urs....
d only fuck up part is leavin at 7.30 :D....i finish my office at 10 & den gettin up in the mrnin is little PAIN...isliye i hve been travellin by train...

i think we can do that someday.... 

Hi Siddharth , Did you start your cycling Thats a nice challenge to have ,I travel from dadar to Hiranandani powai on MWF mostly from last 3 weeks , love the eastern express highway its about 17 km if I go from kailash complex or LBS and around 22 from JVLR  similar to your diatances .

I find trying either of the 3 routes keeps the fun going ... i agree with Siddh the worst part is getting up early :) , i have also travelled at night after 9pm on the same routes and have front/back lights on the bike to help .

I ride hercules thriller , a very basic cycle and its working fine so far ..



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