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How is the FireFox Road Pro 0050 Road racer?
Plan to use in Mumbai and for medium range rides to Thane-Panvel-Khopoli-Lonavla

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Dear Vivian,

I have extensively used Firefox Road pro 0050 road bicycle and found it to be good. Already pedaled around 8000+ kms since 2009. You may visit my blog

Wishing you happy & safe cycling.


RG Bhat


Amazing! Your Bangalore -Pondicherry ride is unbelievable. Are you still using the FireFox? After 8ooo Km how is it functioning? Are the brakes good? Any trouble with the rims/tyres/ or other replacements? Thank you for your encouraging response! Keep cycling onwards!

Finally purchased FireFox RoadPro 0050 bicycle and quite satisfied with it. Thanks to RG Bhat for guidance on the model. 

Hi Vivian,

After some research, I have decided to purchase the FireFox RoadPro 0050.

How is the performance? Are the brakes good as you earlier questioned? Any trouble with the rims/tyres/ or other replacements? 



Victor, I replaced the brake levers and cables. Rims are good. Replaced the tires with GRL road tyres and presta valve tubes. Now I am happy with the performance. Road pro 50 is now discontinued by Firefox, but you can source a used ones in cycle forums, olx etc. Can guide you on the brake mods etc. 

Okay, Thank you so much.

Sure, after exhaustive search I have come to realize that it has been discontinued as you earlier said BUT I was opportuned to get a friend who agreed to sell @ 11,000INR. I have decided to pick it up tomorrow evening (Wed, 20/05/2015)

Is it worth purchasing @ 11k? I stay in Hennur Cross, Bangalore and would want you to kindly guide me in making the necessary changes as you rightly pointed out that "I replaced the brake levers and cables. Rims are good. Replaced the tires with GRL road tyres and presta valve tubes".

Please, if you don't mind, how much did it cost for aforementioned replacement? and where can I get it done in Bangalore?

Thank you for your encouraging response! 

#CopiedYou :)

11k is OK but be ready for multiple mods. Brake levers cost  rs 600 for shimano 600 pair of road bike levers with hoods. Cables cost around 300. Used motorcycle friction free cables. Add cost of mods if you want it done by shop. Did it myself. Took some labor and time Girl tyres rs 250/grl presta tube rs 125/. Ride at 110 psi else punctures will occur. Use a foot pump with gauge -(with presta adapter from happy )to achieve this. I have snaps of the brake mods. Got the brake levers from metro cycles Mumbai. I also had to replace the rear derailleur shifter lever. Purchased bike new at rs 15.5k and total cost with mods under 20k. Bought bike in 2014 and now satisfied with it, after mods.



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