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I am interested if there has been a review of folding bikes in India. The reason is that road conditions in India are generally rough, and folding bikes are less robust that normal bikes. The consumer needs to know which bikes can stand up to the conditions, with tough components at points where bikes are folded, etc.

A second area of analysis is that imported folding bikes are expensive, but as far as I know there are no benchmarks or independent reviews of Indian folding bikes to see if they are as strong as the imported ones.

Wise advice and comments welcome....

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In India I have seen two brands perform.

Dahon - once did a test ride which doesn't count towards anything. On one of the off road rides on a trail, I did meet a gentleman riding a Dahon. Wasn't surprised that it was immensely difficult for him to keep up riding the folding bike with the small wheels. He did call it a day half way and turned back. The bike on that one ride did seem to do okay. Have no info it that bike if it could take such punishments on a regular basis.

The second is about the Firefox Compact.
This I have seen a friend of mine ride on numerous occasions during the time she got fascinated with trail riding.
The frame and wheel size is almost a full size and the frame although heavy compared to folding bikes, is solid like the usual Firefox build quality. The bike kept up with any trail she put it through that entire year and a half till she moved on to a full blooded hard tail.

Besides the two mentioned brands I can't say about any other. Moreover I am unaware of any Indian brand that makes folding bikes and I would be very surprised if any did.

Yes, a bit surprising to use a folding bike off-road, isn't it.

Your comment about Firefox build quality is what I as a buyer need to look for, so this is good information.

Tern is another imported brand sold in India.

Locally made brand (Chennai, I think) is Ride, at



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