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Gangotri to Ganga Sagar 2600km cycling is been sucessfully done by the Round the Earth Cycling Team

We started our journey on 22 Feb in the snow from Dharali 15 km before
Gangotri( River Ganga Origin 9000+ft. altitude) and covering all the
towns, villages, barrages, bridges and jungles we reached Ganga Sagar
(Island near Kolkata, where River mixes with Bay of Bengal) on 28th
March. 9 Year old Omkar is been appriciated all over the nation for
being the first kid to do such a great cycle expedition. Please check
out the pics on my profile and if any suggestions please forward it to
Omkar gave this moment to all of us to be proud.

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An effort was to cycle from Gangotri to Ganga Sagar 2600km and know the problems that our National River Ganga is facing. Also aware people what problems that we already knew. It took some time to explore the problems the Ganga river is facing. Some social workers, Water experts and internet was my medum for that.
Simulteneously team building was a task 'coz other members were completely new and required to train from abc. Team practice at Panvel hills, their cycles, gears, attire, etc was all arranged. It took many months for me to explore the problem of Ganga, find the sponsorer, train the team and understand the child physiology. Omkar a9 year champ is the son of Sanjay Gadkari, and I first met him in the 15th August cycle rally from Gateway of India to Thane. He performed well and impressed all of us. Sanjay got happy when I told him that we should try Omkar for the Gangotri tour. We found the best suitable cycle for him. Then Goa and Asthavinayak tour were done as practice. Thing were going good but only money was the issue, a very common issue in the world. By the time the team matured but due to lacking in funds the program postponed twice. It was not just riding, but purchasing new cycle that will last in terrain at high altitude, rough road, etc as each cycle has minimum 18 kg luggage. Awaring people, meet other people on tour, recording camera, medical, spares, train tickets, communication, other logistics, etc required funds. When we didnt got any response from politicians, NGO, private companies, cycle companies, etc we decided to do it on our own. But pune 'Life Cycle ' mall people volulentarily provided us merida cycles and funds.

Looking at everybodies leave and Kumbh mela at Haridwar date decided was 17th Feb. We couriered cycles to Delhi, reached their by train, collected cycle and cought a bus to Uttarkashi. Their we came to know that after 4 years this time it is snowing in Gangotri so the buses are canceled, so from there we booked taxi to near by Gangotri. Reason of snowing was since 1 years the Hydro project plant work was stopped in the hills so this year it snowed, and the orchid owners were happy as the apple cultivation will be much better. We reached Dharali i,e. 15 km before Gangotri. 6 months the statues of Godess are brought down to Dharali as it snows very much at top and road is closed over there. We were happy to see the snow but my heart was pounding for the kid as it is tough to ride in snow and after the rims are wet breaks don't work. Saw the puriest water on the planet 'GANGA', 'Bhagirati' actually over their. On 22nd Feb in the morning we started our journey with a tea with Indian Army. We stopped at Bhatawadi, there was heavy wind flow that time. Next day Morning we saw there was snow fall, I thought we need to halt till the snow fall stops but the hotel owner advised you should move soon 'coz the snow on the road is fresh and you could ride at-least once the snow solidifies it will be very difficult. Right, we played in snow for a moment and got set to ride it snow. Now the pain that we caused was my and Amey's shoes were rubber souled and kind of soft so the snow made our shoes wet and our toe fingers were chilled to numb. We bouth were rubbing our feet very badly after every pause. We wore plastic bag to our feet to avoid snow contact, it worked to an extent. Omkar struggled riding in snow and cried due to cold, Sanjay was riding and again going back to bring Omkar's cycle. Omkar was walking, as unable to ride. We were searching for a village and after few hours we got a village where a hotel was open, Hoteller applied oil to omkar's hand and feet. We had hot tea and Maggie. After few minutes except Omkar we all were normal bur our toe fingers were still numb and paining. There was no vehicle to move ahead but we came to know a taxi will come to deliver milk to army men when it is in reverse journey you join them till Uttarkashi. The taxi came we put our cycles and luggage on it and proceded after 10 kms the atmosphere was clear there was no snow here, Sanjay said we should start riding from here by the tie Omkar was also ready but I was curious that what if it starts snowing here. Omkar, Sanjay and Amey were insisting to start riding I was in a dilemma, as I was thinking about the kid. Finally I decided to start riding from Gangnani where their is hot water spring. We got down there had a dip in Hot water and started riding on the same day rather than next. On next day we reached Uttarkashi met the media person of 'Dainik Jagaran' gave the pamplets and our info. that was the first media coverage of our event.

In our next 30 days journey we covered around 2300km met thousands of people, distributed pamphlets to them, met school students, Many NGO's, social workers, also some popular personalities who are working since many years to save Ganga. In Kanpur there was a 'Ganga Mela' a very popular festival where thousands of people come to visit River Ganga, there many pandals were build by different organizations, political parties, cast communities,etc there Ganga Mahasabha organization people invited us and arranged media, etc. We came to know in Kanpur their are 21 city savage outlets that are directly flowing sanitary water in river without treatment. In Allahabad we came to know that same is the problem everywhere but biggest problem of all is that 95 % Ganga water is been diverted from Haridwar to other places for irrigation,etc. which is completely wrong. I other countries not more than 20% water is allowed to divert from one place. The river that we see today is actually the savge fromm allthe cities, industrial waste water, tanneries waste, textile waste. And High court have order in 1996 to stop the industries but still they are open as the maximum tanneries are belonging to mafias and big politicians. Our central coal minister Jaiprakash Jaiswal who is also MP from Kanpur own many tanneries in Kanpur. Difficult situation. First of all No water then all the city and industrial waste then the idols immersion then the dead bodies floating around, etc I say is this a holy River or just a dumping media. How the aquatic life is going to sustain in Ganga, what about dolphins, in place we saw after every 3 home you will find a patient of Cancer, Goiter, TB, etc. Note my words after almost every 3 home. Contractors wants civil contracts they don't care about nature and apple farmers, Politician wants money they run tanneries, wood sellers don't care if body is fully burned or not they want to sell as much wood as they can so they throw the partially burnt body in Ganga, Dams are been build using thousands of crores rupees but they are of no use as water is inadequate so how the hydro electricity is going to be generated. Farakka dam the biggest failure of Indian expertise is still there for nothing but has stopped the bridging of sea fishes in sweet water so fishery is hampered a lot at now the fishes are been imported from Andhrapradesh to UP, Orissa, Bengal,Zarkhand,etc but time was different when water use to flow in full swing big launches were moving in the river and now the river beds are open.

We have recorded every problem in every area in camera and are working to make a informative documentary, but still we are facing the fund issue, but at any cost we will make it.

Sorry to take you guys in social part of my tour, but trust me cycling was amazing. NGOs helped us in accommodation, food,etc. People voluntarily helped us financially in tour, media support was excellent. People want to get the problem solved but I saw that we lack in unity, Ideology of two NGO is different so they don't want to work together, people are still under caste barriers. Being from Mumbai people questioned me about Raj Thakre ideology and we provided a logical and proper answer to them for which they appreciate us also. Omkar was the hero of the tour and was highly highly appreciated all over the nation for being the first kid to do such a great cycle expedition. Other than few punctures we didn't face any technical issues. We enjoyed the distinctive Nature, food, language, hospitality, etc.
Right now we have the maximum information recorded in the camera than any other in India and planning to make a informative documentory on it, I request to the educational foundation to help us financially for the same.

For photo gallery plz visit

Kaustubh Gujare.
Dear Kaustubh,

Great journey!. Kudos to you and the entire team on this stupendous achievement. Let the dream of making a memorable documentary film on the information gathered come true at the earliest.


RG Bhat



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