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Divya I am Kaustubh Gujare from Round the Earth cycling Club, Mumbai.
I wish to arrange an official cycle rally in Mumbai for ladies only, to aware the fitness for ladies in today's lavish lifestyle, I have detailed plan and man power, but I want a girl to take the initiative and make this program a big success.
Big in the sense at least 50 lady cyclists. I request you if you are interested and have sufficient time to make this in month of Oct.
Plz reply me a.s.a.p. Also if anybody have any suggestions or comments please share.
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hey kaustubh,
post the details of the date, time and venue! frankly i don't see myself coming to Bombay to participate in a rally, but post the details, others may join in!!
Ooops I thought u r in mumbai right now! Anyways Date will be any sunday in Oct, the ride will be of 15 kms, It will take maximum 2 hrs, and venue will be either S.V road of Andheri or from Sidhivinayak temple of Prabhdevi to Gatwe way of India. Press will be covering the event, Police pilots will be arranged, tea and snacks will be provided. A speech on fitness for ladies will be given by an expert, All and all event will be for ladies - by ladies.
By the way where do u reside.
hey ! im sunita kolke . i would love to take part in th rally ,we r a group of about 8 females who cycle around mumbai roads once a month . let me know the date ,my friends would come along surely .
I have cycled on the prabhadevi to gateway road . thats a better road for sure than the andheri s v road . i think ,i can manage to get atleast 12 ladies for the rally ...hope it happens :)
hey kool. plzz keep informed on this. i d be keen to join in
is this happening????
Hi Kaustubh,

Please do let me know if you do manage to start something like that. I wold love to take part.

Thank You girlz for the response, even we have worked more on this event and came out with some productive results. It is just a matter of time we will be doing the event soon.
As we all know that a lady is the backbone of the family, It has to be fit. All know fitness importance, but only few work for it. Cycling medium is not only the medium for all to come out and meet everyone socially but also to cut down doctor's bill. In India and specifically in cities we are inclined to luxuries. Its good until it doesn't harm. Increased growth of Heart attack, blood pressure problems, obesity, diabetes, etc are the result of our life style. One thing I never accept that- peoples, especially ladies have shortage of time, we all are busy but at last instead of spending few nights and days on bed in hospital its better to spend 1/2 hr on cycle daily. No matter at what time. Take it from me its not necessary to cycle or run or exercise in morning before beak-fast only. Big NO. I proved my fitness in competitions and I don't remember that I ever waked up early for exercise or cycling. My time is every-time.
Its time to all of us to come together and initiate the movement for women fitness.
Talking about the rally-
On 26th January 2010 i,e. on republic day REC club has decided a rally for women. It will be a small, slow and safe rally, so that there will be maximum participation. This will be a legitimate rally under supervision of senior riders. Rally will start from Shivaji Park, Dadar at 8.00 am but the reporting time will be 7.00 am. With the break-fast we will start the rally. More details about the route and starting point will be posted shortly. Rally will end at Gateway of India. Total distance will be around 20km. None of the lady has to fear about the distance even if this is her first ride after long time.
Conditions for Rally.
1> Every lady has to know basic cycling.
2> Everyone should have their own cycles
3> Everyone should wear full sleeves cloths( save from sun burn), sun glasses, helmets or caps, shoes.
4> Everyone should bring their water bottles.
5> Intoxication and littering is strictly prohibited.

I request all the ladies to pull up their socks and be ready for the kick start on 26 Jan and my requist to mens is that please help the ladies with your cycles, at least for a day.
All changes or updates will be posted on the GO GRRRLZ and ROUND THE EARTH CYCLING ORG group.

Plz reply me a.s.a.p. Also if anybody have any suggestions or comments please share.
Visit our blog for details about club.
You can also mail at
The starting point of Rally is shifted to Siddhivinayak Mandir, Prabhadevi.
Sorry for the Late reply guyz.... Talking about the rally for woman fitness was awesome, when I planed it I was skeptical about the the distance i.e. from Dadar to Gateway of India, approx- 18kms. But I was not ready anything below that too. Due to high security we need to shift the starting point couple of times before the day of rally. This was the first rally which started on time actually ha ha ha. Otherwise 40 to 45 min late is always expected. Talking about the participants they were few according to me, but maximum girls ever saw at a time on cycles. Unexpected train strike, cycle arrangement, cycle race in Dadar ,etc were the reasons what i came to know from those who couldn't make it. Still the total girls were around 20.
Ya let me tell u about the riding day, after little bit of briefing we started. The formation were like a bullet Bike in leading position, all cyclists following it, Amey and Niranjan were on right hand side to keep all the riders on left. Me and few other volunteers in a car tailing the group and a cop's van at the end.
I was observing riders for any mishaps. We started by 8.20 am and reached Gateway of India by 10.300 am. There was just one break in between. Surprisingly none of the participants were tired, when I asked everyone how many are ready to ride back till Dadar all were ready I was like "Hhhhhhh" . Happy very Happy.
We sang our National Anthem did some photography and rode back till Dadar. Mean while those who were staying on route were moving back home. While riding back the sun was drenching the riders.
I am happy to see the Woman power and wishing to do the same ride again in future, only the point is those who want to participate plz try to arrange the bike days before the rally.
Jai Hind and Jai Cycling.
Pls keep me posted on such events....would love to a part of it.



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