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Watching a couple bicycle through the world for two years, inspired me to join the gang. But it was not so easy for me to simply go and buy a bike. Coz everyone around me said its a waste of money. That i would buy a bike and then let it rust in a corner.


My heart knew i would not do such injustice with the bicycle but didnt know how to convince. Thats when a fellow member of suggested me...why dont i request members from cyclist to lend me a bicycle for some time. That way i can ride it and get use to it. And also understand whether i am cut out for bicycling.


At first i thought its impossible for anyone to lend me (a total stranger) their bike, even if its for a month. Then i thought let me at least try. Coz if i dont try, i shall never come to know if anyone is willing or not. 


I posted a discussion on a couple of responses but no bike. :( Then after few days, out of nowhere I made a friend just coz she too was from my locality. I thought probably when i get a bicycle, i can go for rides with her. But to my surprise when she came to know that i dont own a bicycle, she offered me her spare bike.


I was overwhelmed with her gesture. I never thought that in today's time anyone is so giving & bothers about other people. Yesterday after a long wait of 5 days, I finally met her & saw the bike (Firefox Dart 2.6) I was gonna ride. Oh she is a beauty, I was excited like a small child who receives a bicycle for the first time in life. I rode it home with a smile on my face.


After this whole experience that I had, there is one thing I started to believe. There are still people out there who care for others & extend a Helping Hand....


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Comment by Hari Menon on October 23, 2011 at 5:19pm
Where do you live? I seem to recollect it was Kalina or thereabouts. Its not in my regular route - I'm in Versova. Also, I don't recall your mentioning your height. I did have a bike (a geared hybrid) that I wasn't using much because it was too small for me, but it still wouldn't be suitable for anyone below 5'6" (I'm 6'). It's not a good idea to ride on a badly fitted bike because it could cause physical discomfort and might even put you off cycling for good. Anyway, I hope the current bike fits you and encourages you to buy your own bike soon. Don't buy a Dart though - there are far better bikes available in its price range. But since you're using this one for free I don't suppose you have any reason to complain. :)
Comment by j a n e on October 19, 2011 at 10:44am


great. yes there are people like her. She would make a great friend.

ride safe



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