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Dear All,
I was hoping to take my family on a cycling holiday in Kumaon Himalayas{ Ranikhet-Kausani-Bageshwar-Thal-Munsiyari-Vijaypur-Chaukori-Ranikhet and back over a period of 10 days in May.
I wanted to make a choice for all of us ( maybe 5 new bikes) re the Trek 3700 or the Adidas Genius {that I came across only recently} . I thought that the Adidas seemed to have a lot of the features that only the higher versions of the Trek.
I am interested in immediate purchase and would appreciate experiences and opinions re comparison between the two.
thanks all,
this is my first post, so excuse any "impropriety"
Milind Chaudhary

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Comment by vivek peter john on October 24, 2010 at 2:03pm
r u gonna go on road? or muddy trails?. if on road then forget genius coz its too heavy. if muddy trails then u might wanna buy the addidas genius.however i dont know much abt genius. can anyone tell me abt the brnad of the front susp. fork. this factor is gonna decide if its worth it or not. the tires of genius are of good brand. the groupsets are of good brand too. so the bottom line is better get the idea of the fork and then decide.
happy trails
Comment by Persie on May 16, 2010 at 8:51am
Manish that was very good. I am sure this would help many who dont know much about good brand quality. I would like to know how much the 3700 actually weighs.
Comment by Zubair Lodi on May 2, 2010 at 10:08am
If U looking for MTBs dan y not make it as per ur preference dan ders no confusion or comparison.
Comment by sohail on April 29, 2010 at 11:18pm
i feel any model of trek or cannondale is much much better than adidas genius!don't get fooled by the adidas name.its only a hero cycle as far as i know!
Comment by Dr Milind Chaudhary on April 26, 2010 at 6:12pm
Wow, Manish, thanks for taking all the effort to write in such great details. Thanks, lots. I think picture becoming a little clearer now. Basic problem is that one is not in a position to physically try the different bikes in person. Do you know of a shop that has both and allows one to try them out?
I do not believe that we will be doing any Off Roading at all since we are going to do a lot of kms, I think we will be sticking to the roads only.
thanks again, I appreciate it.
Comment by Manish Joshi on April 26, 2010 at 5:52pm

Dear Dr. Milind Chaudhary,

Hi, I’m Manish Joshi from Mumbai. I read your blog pertaining to the differences in the Trek 3700 versus the Adidas Genius and which to buy. I fully agree with what Roshan Gupta has commented. The reason is, I own a Trek 3700, the 2010 limited edition, the gray and green colour. The bike is fabulous, superb, light, and smooth and has life time warranty on the frame. The frame is “alpha white aluminum frame’. Making it a very light bike. I’m riding it since August 2009. I even carry the bike from my first floor apartment to the ground level every time I go cycling, as one cannot leave the bike in the building compound for the fear of it being stolen.

I also own a Cannondale F7, which is a little higher version bike and with disc brakes, which can be compared with Trek 4300-D (with Disc Brakes) or higher or with the 6000 series of Trek bikes. But the ride quality of the Trek 3700 is awesome and better than the Cannondale F7. Though the Cannondale F7 has Sram X4 Derailleurs, which can only be found on the higher models of any Brands of bikes, and which one gets with 6000 series of Trek bikes or higher version Trek bikes, the Trek 3700 is awesome. Though the Trek 3700 is an entry level bike and has entry level components (SHIMANO-Altus Derailleurs, Shimano 7 Speed Shifters, Suntour Fork Suspension, Tektor ‘V’ brakes, Alloy Rims and Bontrager accessories.) the ride quality and smoothness of the bike is awesome and the bike overall is very very GOOD. The latest 2010 Trek Model is Blue in colour and its cost is Rs. 19070/- and I think is a better colour than the Gray Green colour of the 2010 limited edition.

Now so much so for beating around the bush or about the specification of the bike and let me come to the original issue, which bike is better Trek 3700 versus the Adidas Genius. A couple of months ago I had gone to Panvel near Navi Mumbai, with my friend, because he wanted to purchase a bike, a ‘SCHWINN’ Bike, (which is a subsidiary of Cannnondale Bikes), a particular model, which was only available in that part of Mumbai at that point of time. But my same friend ultimately purchased a Trek 4300-D later, because he had the good fortune to ride both my bikes and judge which was better between the two. The Panvel dealer also had the ‘ADIDAS GENIUS’ model which I observed, had pretty good looks with also good components, but it was heavy, because it had dual suspension and dual disc brakes which makes the bike heavier and again as it manufactured by Hero Cycles, the quality of the bike can only be judged with the passage of time. Further more no warranty or guarantee on the frame and I think it has only one frame size, or I may be wrong regarding the size availability.

The most important point to be considered when one buys any bike, may it be MTB/ATB, road bike or a hybrid bike, is the frame size first, because if the frame does not fit you, if its bigger or smaller, one will not enjoy cycling, or the ride will be cumbersome and secondly if the frame is heavier, then too the ride becomes not enjoyable, particularly when one uses a MTB/ATB and does off roading, as it will have an effect on the body muscles in the long run. From you blog it seems that u are going on a vacation and want to do off roading there, in that case the Trek 3700 is a perfect bike. Don’t fall prey to the higher end features of any brand, as it adds to the cost, but see its utility. All that glitters is not gold they say and also don’t judge the book by its cover. But go by experience and knowledge.

If u are falling prey for dual suspension, it only makes the bike heavy and if u think disc brakes is a better option, then take a closer look to what I have to say. The ‘V’ brakes are very efficient as the disc brakes are, last for about two years or more or depending on use, easy to maintain, easily available and the most important factor is the cost. The Tektro ‘V’ brakes used for Trek 3700, will cost u within Rs. 200/- for one, and if u purchase two the cost will be around Rs. 400/- or less. But the disc pads for the disc brakes will cost u between Rs. 800/- to Rs. 1500/- or even more, depending on the brand and that too for ONLY ONE PAD. So if u want to buy two pads for front and back, then I leave it to u to decide or do u want to have a big hole in your wallet. Secondly maintaining the disc brakes is also a big problem. Say if u fall or meet with an accident, I hope not, and if the disc brakes ‘DISC’ gets bent, then the disc brakes will not function, till the ‘DISC’ is put in order. The disc brakes may last u more than the V brakes but the disc pads are not easily available in India. Each time I visit a cycle shop housing different international brands, I get the answer as ‘NO’, but will be available soon, but for last six months, I haven’t come across any.

Only one shop had disc pads in Mumbai and that too of ‘FOMAS’ brand, Fomas is a cheap quality cycle brand, manufactured in China, and available in India and the cost of the disc pads of that brand too is Rs. 800/-, if not less. So Dr. Milind, I leave it to u to decide as which cycle brand u want to purchase, whether Trek 3700 or Adidas Genius.

I hope my advice will help u to make the correct choice and help u to take the right decision. I’m not a pro in cycling, but I have come across many people who are in the dilemma as u are in, when purchasing a bike, because all of a sudden there a boom in the cycle industry in India and people are seeing a variety of foreign bikes of different brands and different categories. so its obvious to get confused. I too learnt from trail and error and from a friend, who use to work for FIREFOX AND TREK BIKES. Be free to ask me anything furthermore, or be free to call me on my cell numbers which are there on my profile at Take care and GOD BLESS,


Manish Joshi.
Comment by Dr Milind Chaudhary on April 26, 2010 at 5:45pm
Hi jal & roshan, thanks for your comments.
The problem is that bike shops do not allow us to ride the bikes for any length of time. you can only ride a while that too inside the shop and that does not help at all. Trek may be an international brand but if you see feature for feature, the Trek 3700 has none of the features the Adidas has: namely 1)Shimano Altus gears, 2) Rear suspension and 3) Disc Brakes
The Shimano Altus is sold only with Trek bikes costing near 25K, the Disc Brakes on bikes costing at least 40K or more and rear suspension on bikes costing 90K { correct me if I am wrong}
Hence, I was wondering if Adidas looks like a bargain compared to the Trek ones. Also, the trek bikes are made in China { and one wants to escape everything that is made in China these days!)
SInce the trip will mostly be conducted on the road, do you think there will be any problems with the Adidas?
Roshan, are you saying Hero has stopped manufacturing these now for Adidas?
thanks again,
Comment by Roshan on April 26, 2010 at 2:25pm
Hi Milind,

If you wll see trek bikes are one of the best leading brand in World based in US. On the other hand Adidas Genius were manufactured by Hero Cycles in India only & they have stopped manufacturing for Adidas. Components & Brand Value wise Trek is far ahead than Genius. I am really surprised how we can compare both of these brands. There is no comparison at all. Its better to visit the stores of both the bike stores. once you will ride the bike, you will be able to feel the difference.
Trek 4300 would be really helpful bike for mountain riding Or you can go for any hard tail bikes. Dual shock bikes are not advisable for these kind of riding. Rest depends how much we are willing to pay for a bike.


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