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Hi all. was welcomed very warmly! thanks !!
BAck to cycling after many many years! am fit but dont know if i will manage the cyclothon!!

have always had a single speed (ie gearless!) bike and never ridden a geared one!
wish to pick up one hopefully from the pune store

so guys! what is the principal of geared bikes! u change the same way as u do in a car??

i think i might mostly cycle around city (mumbai) and its tours and rides here! so what kind of bike should i pick up!

ps:have always like thin tyres!


also for the cyclothon ......are bikes available on hire???


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Comment by Anil Uchil on February 17, 2010 at 10:07am
sure, feel free to call any time... that's why i gave my number, right?! :-)
don't get hassled if dont pick up a call, though - it just means I'm in a shoot / dubbing studio / meeting... and will call back as soon as i can... :-)
so... welcome back to the saddle (both cycle and horse)... and have a happy second innings! try and get your significant other to join you... it'll help you sustain your passion (for cycling) longer... :-)
ride safe. have fun...
PS: short trips... hmmm... pls define "short"... ;-)
last weekend, I rode to Alibaug/Kihim... the previous sunday (7 feb) was the Manori stretch, followed by "Aarey to BKC" (Anoop's farewell ride)... the sunday prior to that (31 jan) was the 200-km Audax BRM (Mahalaxmi to Dahanu and back to Dahisar) organised by Satish for the Randonneurs... the sunday prior to that (24 feb) was the Ride 2K (Aarey to Bandra)... :-)
next sunday (21 feb) is the Mumbai Cyclothon (24 km)...
a fortnight later (7 mar) is the next BRM - 300 km (Wadala to Wadhiware) on the Mumbai-Shirdi route
keep checking the Events page here... there are a lot of parallel rides happening on most weekends... you can join in on whichever grabs your fancy / seems convenient... :-)
ride safe. have fun.
Comment by Appu on February 10, 2010 at 5:09pm
Hi anil
thanks! its funny! cucling and horse riding were second nature and i find myself a bit apprehensive but excited as i start both after so many years! get the drift of the gears! will be taking off to pune! would it bother u if i call u from there for advice??
thanks a million!!
PS: pl keep me informed on short trips around mumbai!

thanks appu
Comment by Anil Uchil on February 10, 2010 at 12:10pm
Welcome back to cycling, Appu! :-)

cycles have gear combinations... ie, the front (pedal crank) and back (hub cassette on the rear wheel) together form a combination

but the basic principle of gears is the same...
low gear = less effort, low output
high gear = more effort, higher output
simply put,
use a medium gear combination for most of ur regular in-city riding...
when climbing inclines, slip into lower gear combinations...
when coming down slopes or to speed up on open roads, switch to higher gear...

go for a hybrid bike..
or take a trail bike... and change to sleeker tyres
or take a road bike... and change from the drop-handlebars to a straight one..

for the cyclothon, wouldn't recommend a hired bike... the organisers may not be able to provide one... and the ones you get on rent in the city's local cycle-wallahs are pathetic... you never know when they'll let you down... :-)

i'm reachable on 9820636364... feel free to call if you need more info or any help... :-)

ride safe. have fun. :-)



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