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It was 10 pm on 10th Jul 2009, me and Vikram were talking about the ride plan to Coimbatore by cycle. We were not sure when should we execute this plan. While returning to home from office, i made up my mind to start the next day morning and go as far as i can since i had not done any long drives more than 100 kms.
After returning home, i sent an SMS to Vikram about the plan, "If it is not raining, I am ready" this was the SMS reply from him. I called up Mohan about this, due to his busy schedule over the weekend, he couldnt join us though he loved it.
Its the D-day, alarm started ringing at 3.30 am got ready at 4.30am, in the mean time Vikram confirmed that he would come to my home and from there we would start the journey towards Coimbatore. Somehow we managed to start at 5.45am because of some unplanned tasks, and here starts our journey
It was a very pleasant climate, we started riding in an average speed of 19 kms/hr till Hosur (38 kms from my home BTM layout), we planned to stop at every 1 hour, we reached Hosur at 8.00am, there we decided to go via Krishnagiri i.e NH7. The other route was via Royakottai that reaches to Dharmapuri 90kms where as the route via Krishnagiri reaches in 100 kms. We thought of taking the K.giri route as it was a well known route. We took a break at 9.00am at Shoolagiri for breakfast. The shop owner started enquiring about the cycles -----> he noticed the gears and asked that it could go automatically or we need to pedal?, What is the price of the cycles, when we started our ride, from where we are riding.
We had idlies and started riding towards K.giri at 9.15am. It is downhill from Hosur to K.giri so we hadnt much difficulty in reaching K.giri. As said, we took a break at 10.15am for 5 mins and started riding, we reached K.giri (85kms from Blore) at 11.00am. At this time, the Sun started showing its face. Till then, it was pleasant, but after this it was realy a tough time.
We took a break here for 10 mins and started riding towards Dharmapuri (50kms) our next destination. As we crossed 10kms, we faced the real challenge THE WIND in OPP direction. maaannn it was really tough, our speed came to 14 kms/hr. In the midway to D.puri it was 12.00 noon and heavy wind (not though heavy, but travelling in cycle and that too 100kms passed, its a hell). While biking, number of people going in two-wheelers slowed down and that was our Question hour, again all questions, answers, etc. And you dont believe, one guy stopped me and went for a short ride in my bike. We could see the excitement in his face. And our journey continous through the wind, while travelling by car, i used to cut through this wind and fly, but now it is stopping me..... Oh God!. Now our break came down to 1/2 hr once and that too for 10-15 mins. I started suffering from headache, we stopped in the midway 20kms before D.puri for lunch at 1.15pm, had a very good lunch and took some 1 hr rest there. At 2.30pm we started again and we went some 5 kms, after that i was fully drained because of the hot sun, opposite wind and severe headache. We stopped some where in the mid of the highway under a tree at 3.00pm for 1/2 hr. Vikram was not tired enough as he has done some long rides. Again started riding slowly, I walked with the bike for some quite distance instead of halting. At last at 5.00pm we crossed Dharmapuri, believe me it was my hardest timeas this route was little uphill, so it made me really worst experience.
Then we reached near Thoppur at 6.00pm where we had tendercoconut which we did not get all through the highway from Hosur. From here we thought of taking our bikes in a luggage carrier till Mettur (60kms) so that if we reach there early and have some rest, we could do a good riding on the next day. So we hired an luggage carrier and carried two cycles and reached Mettur at 8.30pm, had some nice dinner did some stretching exercise and went to bed at 9.30pm. Good nite
Now the second day, it was 5.00am we started riding to Coimbatore via Bhavani, Avinashi. Our immediate destination was Bhavani(40kms), it was a state highway (SH207) we were riding in the dark with only one light in my bike, both were having rear light. We reached Bhavani at 8.00am, had breakfast there and started riding towards Avinashi(40kms). Bhavani is the intersection of NH47 which comes from Salem. So we were joining the highways again, at 9.00am it was bright-hot sun, opp wind recap of the first day's ride. Started pedalling slowly at 15kms/hr, went till Perundurai small town 20kms away hired a luggage carrier and went towards Avinashi(40kms) reached there at 12.00 noon, had refreshments and started pedalling, from here road was like a state highway with trees on both sides of the road. For 10-15 kms it was downhill till Karumathampatti so it was easy to reach there. we reached there at 1.00pm, had some very little lunch and continued cycling at 2.30pm. We were keeping up the speed of 15kms/hr and slowly reached the L&T byepass road which leads to palghat, here we both had to seperate as Vikram's hometown is Pollachi, he had to go on that byepass and i had to proceed in NH47, then the time was 3.30pm.
Now I rode alone in the NH47 till Coimbatore which was hardly 20kms from there, slowly reached home at 5.00pm with hell a lot of pain. THANK GOD and here ends our ride to Coimbatore from Bangalore.

Cycles used:
Vikram - RockRider 5.3
Gokul - RockRider 6.2

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