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We all need to give serious thought to alternate modes of transport, travel and commutation as we're facing a lot of issues related with health, energy, physical space and environment. Although most of us are drawn to or prefer fuel-powered vehicles, human-powered transport is still relevant and more important in today's world which is running out of fossil fuel. Luckily, our ancestors invented a greatest yet simplest machine to solve many issues - a bicycle.

Despite of traditional assumptions and 'social status' centered (false) mindset, almost everybody of us would love to paddle irrespective of age, gender, social background and occupation. Hence we shouldn't divert ourselves from enjoying bicycle rides by thinking like "What others would think about me?". Perhaps, most of us might be finding solid and factual reasons to respect and accept cycling. I sincerely think that I can help you best in same.

I'm a bicycle enthusiast, innovator, daily commuter, mountain biker, road (long distance) cyclist, bicycling promoter and also a founder member of Global Cycling Club ( Currently, I'm conducting a survey about bicycling promotion. This survey is specifically intended towards those people who don't use bicycles for commutation with reasons whatsoever.

Please refer this survey to your non-cycling friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors and social groups. Do share its link in various social media pages, chats and groups. Results of survey would be quite helpful to make our cities better, greener and pollution-free as much as possible.

Survey link:

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Comment by Sachchidanand Swami on January 27, 2015 at 12:44pm

After going through survey only, 33% attendees have conveyed that they would take cycling. Please keep sharing this survey link with non-cycling friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors. Perhaps, they could be seen on bicycles very soon. Let's promote bicycling!


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