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I've been cycling since Monday 29 Dec 2014. 28th Dec 2014 I got a new bike. I've been leaving early morning and it being winter sun usually hasn't come out until 7am. So have to do with the streetlights but some places no streetlights. So initially help of the headlight attached with bicycle, which isn't that bright but okay. Sometimes some surrounding lights like of some building gate light or some shop neon light or something like that, and most of the times the vehicles lights coming from the other side or from back of me. Its been fun. Everyday is new and like a fresh day. I think first time in my life I've been stepping out in Bombay so early in the morning almost daily, and experiencing the pretty cool winter of Bombay which we don't feel much during the daytime. I didn't carry my digicam so couldn't take any photos. I was carrying my BlackBerry Torch 9800 but didn't really click any photos except one on 29 Dec which is my profile pic. On 17th and 18th Jan I recorded some video on it mounting the phone to the cycle using Finn, its fantastic, made in Austria, got it from eBay India through GEB, hope it lasts long now. I removed the light given and used mobile flash as torch but drains out battery very quickly. Resolution of video is only 640x480 so its quite low and bad and headachy to watch so thinking of upgrading my phone to an Android. Initially I had small trips up to 30mins within my neighbourhood. First 2 days it was hard to carry the bike downstairs and upstairs to my flat on second floor but now its become a habit and I don't feel the weight, in fact its an additional exercise, like carrying weights building muscles. Gradually my cycling time increased. Initially many gear switching mistakes as this is the first time riding a gear bicycle. But now I think I've got a hang of it. I understood now why tight shorts are worn for cycling so that track pants don't touch the chains area or get entangled with the pedal. I wear track pants and tee. Bum pains due to saddle but getting used to it. Not getting cushion or inner pad for the moment, will see later when I graduate to much longer distance riding. I still haven't cleaned my bike, which I should soon. I usually've had a problem with auto rickshaw guys, they drive really dangerously, annoying. Not all though, some are very helpful. And the bus and truck drivers care less. Again, not all of course, some are very cool. In fact it is the fancy car or SUV drivers or be its owners or relatives or friends driving rashly, they're really scary. No respect for pedestrians or cyclists. Initially I rode around Juhu area. Starting point from JVPD. Then went to Vile Parle East going over the flyover. Then did up to Andheri East, over the flyover. Then one day did up to Cinemax Versova. Then thought of doing till Santacruz but did till Khar via SV Rd and back via Linking Rd. All these within 40mins to & fro. On Sunday 18 Jan, i.e. yesterday I did from JVPD to Carter Rd, Bandra, and took some uphill inside lanes as well which were challenging but great fun. I had started exactly at 4:59am and my journey completed at 6:31am. Had Orange Tang and Madhavjika (Since 1925) Nasik chevda (mixture) my mama dropped a day before. Had a big mug of hot chocolate with Hintz cocoa, 2 slices of cheesy baked beans with onions, 3 bread rolls made by my mom. I woke her up when I arrived home. Stopped only 2 times for 2 minutes rest. One at Carter Road, and once at Juhu Beach. Sipped some water. Stretched the body a bit. Stopped 3 more times on the way because the mobile camera stopped because the battery drained out, after which I left it off only from around Bandra/Khar while heading towards home. Initially it recorded 40mins but couldn't save it due to an unknown error. It took me one hour thirty three minutes to & fro. Bicycling is a different experience altogether. You see and hear things closely. Many interesting things happen along the way, which makes a whole new story. Someday will share. Sometimes've to be careful of speeding sports car only slowing down to have a head turn to you. Only days I didn't bike were on January 3, 6, 11, 14, 19. So 17 out of 22 days. I had anyway decided to do around 5-6 days a week. I'll try to make it all 7 days. Also hope to gradually increase my distance. Yesterday, saw at least 10 men about to begin running for the marathon. And saw 2 guys bicycling. I learnt a few main road crossing techniques from the milkmen. Other thing I like is getting to see many dogs except that some are leashed which I strangely feel sad. For 7pm dinner, veg Biryani was made by mahraj. In it the cinnamon and black pepper that were put were the ones I got from a forest from Cherrapunjee in November. Black pepper was plucked so free of cost. Cinnamon costed 10 rupees, a little local girl aged around 7 or 8 was selling in the beautiful jungle.

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Comment by Himanshu Vora on February 8, 2015 at 10:52am

Wore it today, its okay.

Comment by Himanshu Vora on January 21, 2015 at 5:52pm
Comment by Aaron Court on January 21, 2015 at 1:46pm
Sorry, I have no idea except the ones from Decathlon (the cheapest that I know of), but reviews say that it is not very good, hence it would be better to go with something a bit more expensive.
Comment by Himanshu Vora on January 21, 2015 at 8:23am

Thanks. Any suggestion which are good padded cycling shorts?

Comment by Aaron Court on January 20, 2015 at 10:27pm

Try getting proper padded cycling shorts (no they are not cheap), it will definitely give you a better ride. Your seat will continue to give you problems because of the seams of the underpants and you regular pants. 


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