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"CYCLE TAXI RIDE" along Rwandan Countryside

     PHOTO :- "CYCLE TAXI RIDE" as a passenger                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Had recently been on a Safari travel tour of Ethiopia,Uganda and Rwanda and for the first time in my life saw "Cycle Taxi's" at Nyanza bus terminus in Kigali in Rwanda..The passenger would sit on a large modified carrier seat at the back of the cycle akin to pillion riding on a motorized two wheeler .These "CYCLE TAXI'S"  are definitely meant for short distance  rides as Kigali being a city of hills would make long distance "Cycle Taxi's" a next to impossible means of indigenious private transport.For the first time in my life sat on the "Pillion" of a cycle as a "Passenger". Travel Educates.

Not a Cycle race but " CYCLE TAXIS" of Kigali.

Can this type of cheap mode of transport be utilized in villages in India ?

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