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I am following this network for 2 weeks and find it very good and informative.

But I also feel that this network is focussed more on people who are very much devoted to Cycling as a passion and hobby.

I am somebody who wants to contribute being green and has taken cycling for that purpose and am surprised to find very few efforts to spread this amongst others on your network.

Cycling events for 10 to 200 kms are great but they don't cut ice with many people who are undecided about using cycle as a transport and it is, sorry if i am being assertive,for people who are so passionate about cycling to help them out.

A review of cycles like sub 10k, sub 20k ........ would help.Add to that the experiences of people cycling to work, the problems they face ( biggest for me is Perspiration, mumbai climate doesn't help either, everybody can't take a spare pair of clothes to their office), maintenance, DIY instructions, office groups cycling etc.

I am aware of efforts to create cycling culture fizzing out in some indian cities.

An event where CEO's and Corporate bigwigs travel to their office on bicycles can be looked into, as the biggest detterent for using bicycle is the social fear of being looked down by others.

I am sure many electronic and print media would support.

Hope we can covert many fence sitters to jump to our side.

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Comment by Jimit Modi on October 26, 2010 at 8:36pm
HI Tabrez,

Actually i fully agree with all the problems u sated above for cycling to work. But despite that many are there who do so (including me). I am also associated with and trying to start that out in mumbai. We had also done the first campaign ride on dassera (17 Oct) and will also go for a weekend ride on this sunday (31 Oct). You can also join us.


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