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Cycling in Mumbai :- A Elite sport hobby or a form of pollution free transport ?

The rare cycle among a fleet of motorcycles at the parking lot of "High Street Phoenix Mall" at Lower Parel in Mumbai.. "CYCLING" has become  a luxury morning exercise among the ultra wealthy of Mumbai where cycles costing more than motorcycles and cars are passe in the city.Leisure "Night Cycle tours" of Mumbai city have also become popular among the youth of the city. Sadly, "CYCLING" has still  not caught up as a common mode of transport in the city akin to London or most First World City's.London's former Mayor Mr Boris.Johnson used to cycle to office in peak London traffic ! Agree its dangerous riding a cycle in peak Mumbai traffic but surprising that the millennial generation of Mumbai is still in the motorcycle and car mode barring actor Salman.Khan and myself !? When will cycles form a common sight at parking lots in Mumbai?

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Comment by Omkar Jadhav on June 26, 2016 at 8:30pm

Yes. The malls and most parking spaces around the city do paint such a picture, even when I have been to Phoenix I am always on a cycle when going alone, and I have seen maybe 1 or 2 more cycles in the lot aside from mine. But I am confident that the growth of cycling has tremendously increased. All the awareness-related events, leisure weekend rides, night rides, have actually led to the realization in many that cycling is a practical, fast, cheap and sustainable mode of transport. If you simply check out Cycle2Work page on facebook and also find out how much attention The Smart Commute and other cycling initiatives have received in media ( ) It is quite clear that cycling has only been steadily increasing over the past few years. I have been a part of many such groups and initiatives, there are not just people who are willing to cycle even as much as 30km one way to work, but there are people who are willing to take time out from their work to volunteer and support the cycling movement of Mumbai. Plus, cycling rental services are growing in numbers, new stores are popping up all over the city, cycling paths are soon to be setup in multiple areas. And today morning there was an organized rally promoting the idea of having a velodrome in the city, which I missed, but I am looking forward to supporting that idea too along with hundreds of other cyclist friends of mine. If a cycling track like velodrome pops up, it is going to propel the popularity of cycling to the level of cricket, and the competitive playground will, in turn, be giving rise to the overall use of cycling for liesure, for travel/transport etc. Also, there are several groups on Facebook especially the area wise groups like Bandra Cycle Club, Powai Pedals, Ghatkopar Cycling Club which are well established and have only strengthened over time increasing the adoption of cycling in respective areas of the city. 

Comment by Aditya Nadkarni on June 14, 2016 at 8:16am

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be likely to happen any time soon. If a change is to be brought about, the people should feel it from within and start practicing it. At least in Mumbai, people do not want to get out of their mindset. I've tried to convince a lot of people... no success.


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