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Lets talk about 'how to take precautionary measures in the rain'.
Wet weather makes roads slippery, so you must ride your bike differently: A fall from the bike can leave a few bruises or even a fracture and put you off your bike from a day to a week or two.
So we will talk on four sub topics relating to cycling in the rains.
1) Braking.
2) Cornering.
3) Puddles.
4) Visibility.

Braking: Except for disc brakes, most bicycle brakes work poorly when wet or muddy. Test your brakes to see how they work when wet. Apply your brakes lightly well in advance of your stop in order to dry them off and improve their effectiveness.

• Cornering: Because you have less traction, corner slowly with little leaning.

Puddles: When possible, avoid puddles. They can hide potholes, broken glass and other nasty surprises.

• Metal, Paint and Wood: Surfaces such as manholes, wooden surfaces, and even lines painted on roads are especially slippery when wet. Slow down and corner carefully on these surfaces.

Visibility: Visibility is poor in wet weather. Wear bright clothing, use proper reflectors and if necessary you may also keep your headlights and rear blinker on even in the day time while its raining.

Take Care

Ride Safe
Always use a helmet while cycling.

Faisal Thakur
Da Bike Zone

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Comment by Pankaj Marathe on February 13, 2011 at 11:16am

hi faisal, thank u for sharing this important information.




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