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Gruelling Yet Fruitful BRM of the season...

Deccan Queen 1000 KMs BRM

Completed in 69hrs 30mins, against stipulated Time of 75 HRs, Saddle Time 51 HRs, Total Sleep Time taken 5 HRs throughout the ride. Total Elevation gain 9000 Mrs, Calories burned 24,348+

Completion of SR series in 2016-17 gave birth to a new dream..... 4 digit BRM

This year's SR Series was entirely on Solapur Highway except Strawberry Fields 300 BRM on NH4. Eastern Circuit BRMs has taught me about Headwinds and riding in scorching heat of 40° Temperature. After doing SR Series was really waiting for 1000 BRM registration.

And THE DAY arrived, I was going to paddle for my dream ride of 4 digit BRM.

Day1: 10 riders started from CCD Chandni Chowk @ 6:00 a.m. I was riding with keeping decent pace of 20 22 from the start itself. 1st break took directly at Khambataki Top, had some food and started again comfortably. Reached 1st CP at Yellur by 3.30 PM by covering 200 km distance. Had 30 min break and then there are only 5 Riders who will be going ahead, gunning for 1000 BRM. Next CP was Belgaum where we reached around 00:25 at night. 2 HRs trying to get peaceful sleep, in vain, started off again at 4.30 A.M.

Day2: Left Belgaum around 4.30 am with Sunil Patil Sidhu, Swapnil Bhosale Sachin Ghogare. Had our 1st intake at 5.30 AM and pushed off. Rolling terrain had started, making it difficult for us to maintain our pace. Had Air pressure issue with my back Tyre, which make me worried for a long. Took our 2nd break at Kamat Upahar, Dharwad. Refilled our energy, rechecked the air pressure. After Dharwad climbs got worse; headwinds, crosswinds and temperature around 40° made it difficult to maintain avg of 20kmph. Reached Haveri around 3.15 PM against cut off of 3.45 PM. It's was a great relief as Half the task (500 KMs) was completed by then. While coming back got a good pace. Reached Hubli at 7 P.M. From Gigli, we all riders started riding in a group and reached back to Belgaum around 2:22 A.M.

Day3: Slept for 3 HRs and left Belgaum around 6:30 A.M. Stared with good pace of 23 25. After Nippani had great homely food at Siddhu's In-laws. Fixed 2 punctures of the rear wheel, which gave mental relief. With same pace, managed to reach Sai international around 2.50 P.M. Had a good break for 1 Hour, as now the task ahead was just 210 KMs to fulfill my dream.

Left Sai by 4 P.M. with good pace of 23 25 as sun was going down and getting some cool whether. Myself and Siddhu was riding together from the start point and wanted to complete the ride before 70 HRs, though stipulated Time was 75 HRs. Paddled Hard till Khambataki Top at 25 30 speed. Now its just 70 KMs remaining and even for completing the dream ride in 70 HRs, we had 4 HRs in hand. So we dropped the pace to decent 18 20, as we we have already Burned out a lot, to cover the distance till Khambataki Top. With decent pace, reached finish point @3:33 A.M.

I am obliged to my Family, who was mentally and consciously there with me for the entire ride, patiently waiting for the update on where I reached and everything else is fine.

A big thank you to all Co-Riders Aashish Joshi Neeraj Vishwakarma Kirit Kokje Amey Katurde and Sachin (MTB MAN), Ride officials of Pune Randonneurs, Divya Tate, Farhad, Prashant Jog , Amit and Sanjay Joshi for his surprise visit at Sai International.

Route Marshall, support crew(Yogesh, Ravi and others), You all supported and motivated me during the ride.

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