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Digital marketing continues to evolve

For that matter, everything continues to evolve.
Why do you want to discuss digital marketing in evolution scenario?

Yes, that is right.

Now consider this:-

The last 4 decades of the 20th century saw the birth of Computer age. Computers have now become a basic tool for nearly every worker. Personal computers are now found in every house and internet usage is surprising. The internet has not only changed the way consumers gather information and make their purchases, but it has also completely changed the way corporations must do business.

Marketing is known even to a lay man.

Marketing is everything you do to make a person buy. Buying is sales.

Two Categories - Traditional marketing and Online/ Digital marketing.

Digital marketing involves use of computers/ digital assistants/ mobiles to market your product(s).

Each passing year brings novel technology and social trends affecting the marketing and advertising world. 2016 has already seen trends dominate in digital marketing and it is surmised that many more will take the forefront in the industry of marketing.

Marketing Automation-13%

Content marketing-22%

Big Data-17%

Mobile marketing-12%

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)-5%

Social media marketing-8%

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-3%


Online PR-2%

Paid search marketing-2%


Internet of Things (IoT)-4%

Partnerships including affiliate and co-marketing-1%

Display inc Programmatic-2%

Customers-the center

The customer also becomes more integrated as marketing becomes more integrated into sales. Engaging with customers, making them a higher priority and putting them at the center of business is the goal of marketing.

Social media-purpose

It has been believed that if you campaign on social media, there would be clients. Social media is an important part of digital marketing but it doesn’t sustain entire marketing efforts alone. Social media can do promotion and further enhance current strategies for marketing and are greatly useful for a brand working to grab attention fast.

Videos and domination

Videos have turned out to be more engaging. Channels like Youtube have brought a new phase in marketing. Video is like a vital route to take in digital marketing especially as technology evolves.

Focus on creative story telling

Say good bye to repetitive, arduous content and hello to stories that draw you into reading more. Consistent content is critical-agreed, but telling your brand’s story in an interesting manner is important, in getting the right audience.

Less is more marketing

Finding ways to consumers in unique ways is the goal. Anyone can type up an article having average number of words and post it in a social media. To take an idea and to deliver it through a Snapshot video requires skill. And the gain is great. Marketing is becoming simpler and one who leaves hold of rigidity to connect and engage makes a win.

Digital marketing then and Now.

Since 2004.

1. Google got smarter

2. SEO grew up

3. Digital PR became incredibly powerful

4. Social media kept us connected

5. Marketing became less aggressive

Digital has continued to grow and evolve and marketers have been challenged with big data navigation, ROI measurement.
Despite the importance on big data, few marketers expressed confidence in their company’s ability to use the data available.

Research based on consumer behavior is still the tool of choice.

Digital, mobile and social investments remain dependent on demonstrated ROI.
Coming to designing an allocation for ideal media, few agency and media marketers, brand marketers are sanguine in their current media mix.

2016 holds brilliant changes in digital marketing. Change is inevitable and let’s sees what we will have for 2017. 

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