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hi all! have posted an event for 13th march 2011.
with regards to the same - please send in advice for endurance trainging for a 110 km cyclothon but with a good no of 2 km hill climbs. i have 4 months to go and am going to start training - now that the rains have disaapeared@



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Comment by Sumir Nagar on September 26, 2010 at 3:05pm
Appu, you need to get in about 30 kms a day 4 days a week, at a brisk pace, and one day a week you need to do about 50 kms. Once every 15 days do the 80 - 100 km ride. You may want to use a Mountain Bikd, even if you're riding on city roads, it just gives you a much better work out and truly prepares you to do endurance rides! You've got plenty of time on hand. What is your current routine: how many km, how often, at what time each day, what bike, and what kind of terrain, is it just flat road or is there any incline riding? What is your average speed for your daily routine. I have a good monthly routine I can suggest, if you provide me with the requested information via email. Take care and all the best!


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