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Hi, the other day, I purchased Fantom Rider 27.5 from National Cycle, Chinchwad.

I already own Cannonadale Q5 and had rode it once to my coaching institute in HInajwadi, but the overenthusiastic onlookers, playing with its gear system made me decide not to try it again, a few months ago. From that moment, I was thinking about purchasing a good single speed cycle for the purpose and also for city commuting - when ever possible.

Well, when I entered the cycle shop the other day, I had BSA Mach City in mind but as usual, the dealer started showing various models in the price range of 7000 - 10000 & I spotted this Fantom bike - Rider 27.5. After a look and a test ride, I found this one much better than BSA Mach City and the price difference of almost Rs. 1300/- seemed justified as far as finishing, colour combination and ride quality were concerned. I was offered Mach City @ Rs. 6200 and I could take away the Fantom bike by paying Rs. 7500/-.

The Fantom Ryder 27.5 is much lighter and hence easier to ride. Sincerely speaking, I did not miss the gears much riding in and around Yamuna Nagar area, covering 10 km.s yesterday. I found the handle-bar to be somewhat odd, since my Q5 has a flat one and the fantom bike offers somewhats raised ones, though it seems my problem of being familiar with Q5 so far.

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Comment by ABHIJEET Bhatia on May 2, 2016 at 7:38pm

Gears or not depends on your usage and preference. For regular, short commutes, you can do without them. Its fine as long as you keep riding and enjoying.


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