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Hello! I live in Mumbai & I would be purchasing a bicycle soon which I would mainly use to commute in 'bad' city roads & also for occasional long rides (7km to 12km). So I would need a light hardtail bike with the following requirements----

  1. Frame type - Preferably Aluminium alloy but steel frame would work (should not weigh a lot!).
  2. Shimano gears 9 speed.
  3. Acceptable quality front suspension and braking components.
  4. My budget is tight, less than 10k.

I really loved Trek3500 but its way off my budget  :(

How about Raleigh...? Are Firefox worth it...? 

Thank You in advance  :)

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Comment by Siddham.T on February 22, 2012 at 6:53pm
You can go for the roadio series that will be around 7 to 8k
You can come have a look on more varieties at my shop..
Jalaram house of cycles
Opp ratna hotel
Near citi centre
Goregaon -w
Comment by Deepak Kini on January 25, 2012 at 11:19am

+1 Satyaprakashji :)

Comment by satyaprakash purushottam lele on January 25, 2012 at 11:02am

Act 110 is the answer to all  your questions. It might cost you another thousand bucks more. Reviews are good and it has served many well. 

I will suggest to buy a single gear road bike. Alloy or aluminium frame will make it light. Your requirement is for a very small distance so why pay a bundle of money for what you don't need. 

Try cycling first with a low cost bike. If you like cycling even after a year or two Go for a costly bike and extend your rides too by going on weekend rides.

And bad roads in Mumbai, well I will any day prefer these roads to the roads that many outside Mumbai travel daily. It is a fashion to say that the Mumbai roads are bad. Some are but most are good roads.

Comment by Deepak Kini on January 25, 2012 at 12:12am

Here are frank, honest answers. Please do not get offended. Read Vandit's post on bikeszone:

First, for your "requirements", your budget isn't tight. It's grossly inadequate. I'm not accusing you of not being able to spend enough, I'm just saying that it isn't realistic.

The BMW 5 series is a very good car. It costs 48 lakh. I can't have it for 6 lakh. For that, I'd rather buy a Swift, which, in it's range, is also a very good car.

Now, to address your queries:

1) Frame: Go for steel. Aluminium at this range is not advisable as quality will not be up to the mark, Also, steel provides a smoother ride as it absorbs vibrations better.

2) Shimano gears 9 speed: 9 speed is unavailable at this range. You can't have all the goodies at an unbelievable price. My Cannondale Trail SL 2 costs more than half a lakh and it has 9 speed.

3) Front suspension and brakes: No suspension, no discs. You are just adding weight and paying for something that will not work. Keep it simple.

4) Budget: Self explanatory.

My recommendation: Go for the Btwin Rockrider 5.0:

It's a bare minimum, no nonsense bike.

Side notes:
1) If you can save up and consider the Trek 3500, do so at all means. It is a good beginner MTB and will provide you with the real joys of cycling.

2) Firefox isn't worth it. Period.

3) 7 - 12km rides are not long rides. They are commute rides. 150 - 200km is more like it.

4) Our city roads are not so bad that you need an MTB to negotiate them. Once you get into cycling, you will realise that road bikeswork just as well.


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