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Indian Adventure Bicycle Tour exceeds all expectations

By all accounts, the riders on the Indian Adventure Bicycle Tour from Agra to Kunyakumari are having an incredible time. Tour Leader, Shanny Hill, shared a bit of what the riders have been experiencing over the past few days.


"The route has far exceeded expectations. The logistics and planning to make it work have filled my days over the last several months and it’s very rewarding to see the smiling faces of riders coming into the hotels after another successful day on the first and only Indian Cycling Adventure to cross the whole of India from Agra to Kanyakumari. The accommodations have been extraordinary, the people warm and friendly and the food spicy and flavourful!”


Dungarpur as seen from Juna Mahal Fort

“Rajasthan. With its many forts, palaces and beautiful hotels it’s been a mix of grandeur and rough roads through fascinating villages full of colourful sarees and turbans. Gujurat has been a challenge. It’s a prosperous well- managed state, not often frequented by tourists, let alone cycle tourists. As far as we know, we are the only cycle tour to pass through this state (and a few others) on our way to Kanyakumari. Hotels and routing were difficult through Gujurat but the adventure was no less. “




This past weekend, the riders spent some rest time in the incredible and storied city of Mumbai, formerly Bombay - a city that encapsulates the exotic for most people from the Western world.


The Tour d'Afrique Foundation made a donation of 42 hand cycles to a Mumbai based organization.


Mike Stacey tests out one of 42 hand cycles TdA Foundation donated in Mumbai

“From here, the tour travels along the Konkan Coast and sails down to Goa on a tough 6 day stretch of coast along the Arabian Sea. We’ll be seeing more forts, hills and travelling along quiet, almost empty roads that are a mix of narrow, rough and potholed. Should be fun!"


Noise, smiles, and celebrations fill narrow streets of  a village. Our first day on Konkan coast


This week the tour will travel through Jinjira, Harni, Ganpatipule, Devgad and Vengurla before they enjoy 2 rest days in Goa on Sunday and Monday. The riders love meeting up with fellow cyclists, so if you happen to be in any of those areas this week, look out for them on the road and maybe share a stretch of the road with them.


You can follow the tour's progress on Twitter and Facebook: and


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Comment by Theresa Brown on February 23, 2011 at 6:44pm
Thanks for your kind words, Jal.  Would have been great to have met you in Mumbai - but hopefully next year?  In the meantime,  we're looking forward to cyclists in and around Goa who might be able to hook up with the tour.


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