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"Kross Bolt Fixed wheel cycle" :- BRAKES MANUFACTURING DEFECT.

On Saturday(6/4/2019) had purchased a "Kross Bolt Fixed wheel cycle" manufactured by "Hero Cycles" from "Ambika Cycle Store " near Shardashram High School.This was the cheapest cycle in the "CROSS " cycle brand of "Hero Cycles".Cycle was excellent and used it regularly for cycling from my residence in Prabhadevi to "M.G.M.O" pool and back home.After 3 months of usage one fine day suddenly noticed that both the front as well as back wheel brakes were almost non-functional.I first presumed that the rubber brake liners had eroded which was unlikely for both front wheel as well as aft wheel brakes. Besides i hardly used the brakes during my short 3.5 kms daily average cycling and hence a bit puzzled as this was a brand new cycle.

On taking the cycle to a mechanic was shocked to know that the entire "FRONT WHEEL BRAKE" entablature had got totally disengaged from the cycle wheel due to a bolt getting loose and falling off.The Aft wheel brake entablature screws had also got loose but were intact and hence the mechanic re-tightened the screws and adjusted the aft wheel brakes.This was my neighbourhood street side cycle mechanic and since the cycle was under a 1 year warranty decided to inform the dealers "Ambika Cycle Stores" about the fatal flaws in the production of the "Kross Bolt Fixed Wheel Cycle" as well as get my "Front Brakes" refitted. On Tuesday(6/8/2019) exactly 4months after the purchase of my bike went to "Ambika Cycle Stores" in Dadar and got my cycle brakes fixed by their mechanic as seen in the photo's.

I have been cycling for decades having owned 4 cycles  before purchasing my present "Kross Bolt" and none of those cycles ever had a "BRAKE ENTABLATURE" failure during their lifespan of a minimum usage of 5 years + and hence this brand new cycle entablature brake failure proves its a manufacturing flaw."HERO CYCLES" is  the World's largest cycle manufacturer and hope they solve the flaw in the design of their cheapest "Kross " brand cycle. 

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