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Lavasa – Lonavala Loops.... 200 km BRM..... My 1st BRM

Lavasa – Lonavala Loops.... 200 km BRM

On 11th Sept., 2016, finally I attempted and proudly completed my 1st BRM, Lavasa – LonavalaLoops 200 kms.

The Seed of BRM Dream had been sown in the mind last year, when I attended the RnR(Felicitation Ceremony) function organized by Pune Randonneurs for the Bravets and Riders whodid PBP last year.

Total Kms – 200, Time Limit given 13.30 Hrs, Total Elevation Gain throughout the Route – 6800Ft.My Timing- 12.30 Hrs.

It all started in my mind for the last two days before the actual BRM day and those were therestless hours, when I was just going through the entire road map, which I was suppose to travelnext day. Its always recommended that, you should take good sleep on the previous day.However, the excitement and the pressure built up in the mind, on which I was not having anycontrol and I was with restless mind for the entire night.

And Finally, The Ride started from Pune University Gate toward Lavasa at 6 AM, where the 1 stCheck Point was 9 AM at Temghar Dam Wall. Due to cool whether in the morning, could reachthere by 8.32 AM, with 2 Elevations of Manas Lake and the other major Elevation at Mutha Top.On the way return, had started feeling the Power of Sun and the return ride was becoming moreand more difficult on the Steep elevation of Mutha Top again. Cramps had started hitting mylegs as well as my mind. With 2 /3 recovery stops, could manage to complete the Mutha Top andfelt like half done, however, this joy remained just for few min when started climbing PirangutGhat.

On the back of the mind, check-in timing at Viva Hotel, Chandani Chowk, started ticking. Reachat Pirangut Top at 10.10 and started with a bang towards Chandani chowk as the Check-in timewas 11.20 AM. Finally, with hard paddling reached Viva Hotel and stamped at 10.40AM.

It gave a relief, that, the major part of the elevation, had got covered. With confidence,started the journey towards Khandala, the 3rd Check point, where I had to reach max by 3.30PM. Had Homemade Parathas and with new vigor started paddling towards next stop. However,once again, realized the Heat of the Sun and the speed had gone down drastically. ReachDehurod Junction with 4/5 recovery stops taken due to fatigue (Physically as well as Mentally).Again had some Parathas and while sipping Hot Tea to break the Negative Thoughts in mind,Rupesh joined-in, who had checked-in few min after mine at Viva Hotel. While discussing, heasked to start the journey together and which I agreed.

In those 15/20 Min, mind started playing games and started showing its power. The thought ofquitting started hitting me badly. Till then, I was riding SOLO and now moving ahead, hadcompany of Rupesh. We both started towards Khandala and started chatting on the way. That iswhen we realize, that, the thought of quitting had hit both of us.

However, now, we both had managed to overcome the quitting thought and targeted the check-intime for Khandala in our mind. Reached Kamshet Top and had some relief, that, most of theelevation of the ride was over. Had a good sip of Nimbu Soda and fruits and left for Khandalawith extra push. After that, the heavy headwinds took a toll on our speed. By this time, I was so determined towards the goal, that, nothing could have stopped me. I set the target of 3 PM toreach Khandala and achieved the same. Heavy Rain falls on Lonavala-Khandala Stretch was veryrefreshing.

The timely stamping at Khandala was a huge moral booster and I felt assured that, I would beable to finish the BRM positively. Dehuroad junction was the next refreshment stop as mutuallydecided by Rupesh and me. Started moving toward Pune, which gave the additional boost and ourspeed doubled. Reached Kamshet in no time, when just before the Kamshet Elevation, I realised,I had an empty stomach that needed refueling.

Then we directly stopped at Dehuroad Junction at 5.30 PM, at this time, for no reason the fearof Tyre burst started popping up in my mind. I started paddling hard, to reach to the last pointand complete the BRM, before anything went wrong.

Fortunately, all went well and I was in front of the last Stamping point at 6.30 PM, One HourBefore the stipulated END TIME of 7.30 PM. With Tears of JOY in THE MIND, as the DREAM,which was challenging me for last one year, achieved.

Learnings –

1. Always attempt any long ride with complete gear (Gel based Seat Cover or Gel based Short),which I did not ware and that was one of the reason, that, the body wanted to quit.

2. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

3. Eat something every hour to keep your stamina intact.

4. It is preferable to have someone alongside with you on long rides, where both can each other.

5. Always keep steady and calculated pace, as its all about completing the ride in time. Don'tpush very hard on the initial Hrs and then get lost on the average speed due to fatigue.

6. Always help your co-riders for water as well as any other stuff and keep motivating eachother.

7. Never quit. Its all about your mental strength and determination to push yourself till the end.

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