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Last year, I cycled to a mall in the western suburbs ("name withheld on request"... ha ha!)... and the vigilant watchdog (read: security guy) would not let my cycle into the parking lot... and guess what? he wanted me to leave it locked on the busy road outside, and was not willing to take any responsibility for its safety... So I told him that I'd like to speak to his security chief on his walkie-talkie, but he said I'd have to go inside and talk to him... leaving my bike locked outside, of course... :-S

Now, I am, by nature, short-tempered... and, under normal circumstances, I would have lost it... big-time... But... mere jawaani ke dinon ki ek kahaavat hai, shaayad aapne sunaa hogaa: "Don't get mad, get even" :-)

So I made the security guy an "offer he could not refuse"... either you call your Security Chief now, or I'll call all my cycling friends here and we'll all stand with our bikes "outside", right in front of your "In" and "Out" gates... then try explaining to your security chief and the mall management how your arrogance and high-handedness has resulted in your customers being stranded either outside or confined inside... :-)

I pulled out my cellphone... and the security guy immediately got on the walkie with his chief... :-) unfortunately, the SC turned out to be another stone wall... so I asked for the Mall Manager, making the same "offer he could not refuse"...

The manager turned out to be a reasonable guy... and when I told him that they would need to change their parking rules, he told me there was no rule - written or unwritten - about cycles not being allowed to be parked in the mall's parking lot... I was allowed to pay and park in their two-wheeler parking area...
... and we all lived happily ever after! :-)

So nett-nett, it turns out the watchdog was just lying after all... Well, let "parking" dogs lie, I say...

Ride safe. Have fun. :-)

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Comment by Jude on June 10, 2010 at 2:50pm
jst read this .. great post .. n superb footnote by Divya .. hopefully everyone in their small way gets to knock some sense and dig at the hypocrisy around .. something, somewhere will give .. and the walls shall crack ..
Comment by ambarish sathe on March 26, 2010 at 11:22am
Good way of dealing
Comment by Divya Tate on March 22, 2010 at 3:15pm
great way of dealing with it.... threatening to get a horde of militant cyclists!! :-P
i've faced simillar situtations and almost invariably at big malls or shopping centers or multi-plexes, where you have security agencies that are clueless about what they are securing the place against, and are following blindly some rules written and unwritten... because all the bada saabs all the way up may get mad at them for absolutely anything that in any way affects in the slightest way their business interest!!
this behaviour or attitude is a result of a changing socio-economic of cyclists in india.... most cyclists in india are among the poorest, of no value to big businesses, cannot and will not pay for parking and therefore not thought about or accomodated. they are the invisible millions.... and no one can beat us indians at being elitist and classicist...
unfortunate truth is that not just in india, but world over respect and decency are doled out according to how much money you have and more importantly how much you spend!! if you had driven there in a car you would have been shown a lot of respect simply for being a big consumer!! saab aye hain, petrol phuk ke.... paseena bahane ke liye thodi koyi ijat deta hain the sad thing is that the security guys one deals with probably cycle there themselves and must have to park out somewhere, and earn no respect from anyone!
Comment by Kailas Patil on March 21, 2010 at 10:05pm
Sher chale kutte bhoke (Dogs bark when a tiger is afoot)


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