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Looking for a hybrid bike in the range of 12-16k


I am looking for a hybrid bike in the range of 12-16k. My weight is 75 kg. I am going to use it mainly for weekend rides within Pune city or around city like sinhghad or purandhar fort. I am avoiding front suspension as I have heard and experienced that it is not good in entry level bikes. Earlier I had Firefox fusion 2.6. It was heavy and its suspension sucks. I had test rides of below cycles:

Firefox Rapide 21s: It is bit heavy (around 16-17kg). The tyres are too slim. I don't think they will hold surfaces of bad roads(as shown in pic) on uphill. Although these roads constitutes 10% of my journey but 15 mins on downslope will for sure puncture the tyres. Even firefox fusion tyre was punctured although it has front suspension along with broad tyres..

Montra Trance Pro 2015: It will also cost me around 16k. It is light. Tyres are bit wider compared to Rapide 21s.

I have heard good things about schwinn sporterra. But I am not sure about its performance on off roads.

I can expand the budget to 19-20k if the bike is really worth. I am open to other brands like Btwin, Schwinn,Schnell, decathlon but have no experience about the quality or value for money. So I need help regarding this.

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Comment by Dinesh Raval on January 11, 2015 at 9:48pm

Go for Btwin , rockrider, i have rockrider ,using last 4 yers ,and i am sutisfied with performance of bike , if u use u will be fan of this bike ....

Comment by Gurpreet Singh on January 11, 2015 at 9:34pm

Today I went to many stores including the big Decathlon store where I bought one mini pump and a helmet on discount price. I guess Decathlon is good for accessories. Today I had a test ride of montra trance and pro, schnell. But the bike that I liked most is schwinn. I am just confused whether to go for Schwinn sporterra (non suspension-20k) or schwinn searcher (suspension-26k). 

Honestly, the performance(weight, ease of ride) of all the three bikes (montra, schwinn and schnell) were almost same. But the big question is for how long they are going to give the same performance that one can not tell while having a test ride. Non suspension models of Montra and schnell is of 16k while that of schwinn is 20k. Here comes the reputation of brand. I am ready to give extra 4k to schwinn owing to its reputation.

Comment by Dinesh Raval on January 11, 2015 at 8:15pm

Go for btwin brand made in france i think available in india ....

Comment by Aaron Court on December 31, 2014 at 1:26am

If that patch is like 3Kms long, then definitely you should get suspension. But, before just going and spending money madly, go and ride that track using the technique that I told you, in low gear and see what you are able to do/handle. If you are not able to handle, please to consider sticking to your bike, but instead buy some decent semi-slick MTB tyres that will help you in city riding.  

Apparently, once you actually find out how strong one hybrid has to be made up to, just to handle the forces of cycling/riding, that to make them as strong as an MTB, but for road riding, it is quite expensive. Otherwise, test what I am saying yourself, make a "bicycle" out of steel pipes that are available locally and see if that is able to handle the forces that are produced due to riding and at that time too, it must be light. There is a good chance that it might just break while you are riding and you catastrophically fall on the ground.

The short answer
“Strong. Light. Cheap. Pick two.”
--Keith Bontrager, a bicycle-frame builder and component designer. He now develops components for Trek. 

-If your bike is light and cheap, it probably won’t be strong.

-If your bike is strong and cheap, it probably won’t be light.

-If your bike is light and strong, it probably won’t be cheap.

What you are paying for:

1. Speed, smoothness, efficiency

2. Great braking

3. Nearly zero maintenance.

4. Thoughtful design.

The cost of decent bikes is so high is due to the implementation of high tax on imported bicycles.   

Comment by Gurpreet Singh on December 30, 2014 at 11:40pm

If you look at the map provided below in earth mode you can see the hills cover only 10% of my journey. Rest is just city ride.Both bikes you mentioned are good. I am just confused if I need to go for suspension or not.

Buddy time is really changed. Even 20-25k is considered "such a low budget" for bikes :D,+Hadapsar,+Pune,+...

Comment by Aaron Court on December 30, 2014 at 10:07am

Go to and check bikes from the companies I have mentioned, within your price range. Don't expect to get a lot at such a low budget.

Schiwnn Sporterra -

Trek 7.1 FX -

Comment by Aaron Court on December 29, 2014 at 11:38pm

Mind telling me how much that 10% distance is? If it's not a lot then you don't require suspension. Remember, having suspension makes the bike heavier. To counter this small strip of bad road, one must keep their elbows bent and a bit lose while riding, doing this, your hands and elbows can act as the suspension.

At 25k, you can try your luck and look for bikes (by Scott, Schwinn, Fuji, KMC, GT, Mongoose, Merida, Orbea, these brands offer value for money bikes, good/decent specs with not too high price) on sale from bike shops who want to clear out their old stock.

Or you could go to Decathlon Store(Decathlon and Btwin are the same thing) and get Riverside 3 Men, I think they are selling them for 20k and not at MRP. I personally have a Rs. 4000 bike (MRP Rs.5999) of their's and am happy with what I got at that price.  

Comment by Gurpreet Singh on December 29, 2014 at 10:29pm

Thanks Aaron for your advice. The trail shown in pic accounts to 10% of my journey and 90% is just city ride. Keeping that in mind do I need to go for front suspension. Secondly if I increase my budget to around 25k can you suggest me any bike

Comment by Aaron Court on December 29, 2014 at 7:04pm

DECENT and RELIABLE hybrid bikes cost at least 25-30K, and they come with proper parts. I personally do not like most of the bikes from Firefox and would tell you to stay away from them. Not many have used Montra bikes and given a proper review on how they work. Now, to where you ride, hybrids that can actually handle such trails are even more expensive (in my opinion above 50k) Many have used Schwinn Sporterra and are happy with it's performance.. You get what you pay for. If you spend less, you get less, you spend more, you get more. There is a simple trick that one can do to enable their hybrid bike to handle the off-road a bit better, you would have to remove the regular tyres and install decent 38mm tyres.

If you don't want to spend that much, just stick to MTB and get some decent semi-slick tyres (like the Schwalbe Road Cruisers that come with a Kevlar belt rather than nylon).


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