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It was a pending affair and for no particular reason I just could not keep up to the commitment I made - little did I know that the loss was mine.

It was only on that fated day of 14th January 2012 I had one of my most amazing sporting experiences.

I had always heard about the terror of off-roading with our in house expert off-roader Eugine Fernandez. Stories ranged from how some cyclist customers would go for a ride once never to be seen riding again and how the Country Managers had enjoyed the off-roading experience during their trip to India to how once you start you never know what is in store for you or how some managed to get lost on the trail.

So geared with the stories and the borrowed RR 8.1 I prepared for the ride. We were 7 cyclists - of course it did not help my mental state that 5 of them were regular riders. Apparently two of them Altaf Sultanji and Deepak Ernest have done some fairly long rides (180km off-roading to Krishnagiri) with Eugine. However I took solace that I had with me a first time off-roader as well Ravi Maheswari.

5 of us pedaled off from Decathlon Sarjapur at about 07:00am and met with Jobin and Babu George 3km into our ride. At any given point in time I believe we were not more than 3 – 5 km off the Sarjapura Road but on the trail we were on, it was difficult to believe so – it just seem so remote.

The ride took us through quaint village routes, through farms and vineyards, through abandoned quarries and eucalyptus groves. The picturesque trails were mostly narrow and bumpy and my two objectives were - stay saddled on my seat - not slow the team down – happy to say I managed to achieve both J

After more than and hours ride and 28km of peddling we reached a point which has been christened as the Eugine Point by the cyclists – Google says it’s an abandoned quarry so what the heck we can name it after someone who knows it well enough to take us there and back right?

The next stop was at the Idli Point at Kaamanahalli (no not Kammanahalli). I never know I could wallop 4 lager size idlis in one go – it had to be the ride.

Our ride back as well was similar but I am not sure if it was the same route – it was like going through a maze and it’s no use trying to remember the route as they all seem the same. You definitely need a compass and I don’t have to say who that is.

All in all it was a good 58km of cycling for 3 hours of which about 45km was off-roading (We started at 07:00am and reported for duty at 11:00am).

So if you looking for some challenge around Sarjapura and have time on a Saturday or a Sunday morning you know where you need to be.

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Comment by EUGINE FERNANDEZ on January 28, 2012 at 8:58am

Well keep coming for the rides...


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