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pankaj, my younger son is 11 n half yrs, has cycled with me on and off for the last 2 yrs including a highly strenous day ride in leh!!
he started to join me again on a regular basis now july '09, prefering to get his excercise by biking rather than swim or run!!

july 21 '09 - 1st ride - week before last pankaj came riding with me after a very long break!! and complained about every uphill slope and wanted to turn back after only 8kms.... which is when i just get going!! his mood was not helped by my open annoyance!!

this last week
july 28 '09 - 2nd ride - tue morning he came enthusiastically, figured that th upslopes were not as bad as he thot and did 29 kms!! enjoyed having varun and sharan for company!

july 30 '09 - 3rd ride - thurs morning, fully charged, did dismount on a couple of uphills but kept on biking, wanted to hike up the hills we rode over did 32 kms! sus upto lupin lab.

july 31 '09 - 4th ride - fri morning, insisted on coming tho i was telling him to take a break, rode another 30 kms effortlessly, trying to increase average speed!! NDA rd.

90 + kms in 3-4 days....
i'm proud of him!!

aug 4 '09 - sus 25.61kms
aug 6 '09 - NDA rd and we doubled back to do that stretch twice..... 40.56!! YES!! he did it!
aug 10 '09 - sus upto lupin... 30 kms, rohit joined in
aug 13 '09 - sus and down from the hill so he rode up again! 30 kms

jan 27th '10 - oof i have not been updating!!
anyhow last week after some nervousness about riding on the highway, he rode 40 kms with varun and me till dehu road and back. this morning he did a 50 kms ride with me to talegaon and back. while he was tired out by the last 5-10 kms he set a faster pace than me!!

to fill in for the last few months....
he's been averaging 50 kms per week.
i gifted him a cycle computer on his 12th b'day 14th november 2009, we fixed it that week i think and he loves crunching the numbers!!

feb 2010 3rd week 105 kms in 4 days!!
mon 15th - 25 kms to NDA and back
tue 16th - 40 kms to dehu road and back
wed 18th - 40 kms to dehu rd and back (inspite of being sick yesterday)

continued at that average or more
march 2nd-3rd week he did 200 in one week including an 80 kms ride to kamshet and back with rohit also.
march 24th i think we all did lonavala and back 112 kms!!
end march was a wonderful week of cycling with other cyclists.... satish and anil!! great experience for them both.

april 8th!!! a landmark day.... pankaj starts to use the bike to commute by himself, 4 km to nana aajji's house and back!! YAY!!

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Comment by Dhaval Philip Mathew on January 30, 2010 at 4:50pm
Divyaji... i'm ur fan.... kudos to ur son tooo....

tcre.. dhaval
Comment by Vikram Seth on January 29, 2010 at 6:31pm
Very inspiring. Will definately share this with my own kids.....and those are definately your genes Divya.Looks like your're soon gonna have to work hard on keeping up with your son :)
Comment by Amit Bhowmik on January 28, 2010 at 12:46pm
Nice to read about your son's progress. Awesome that you're encouraging cycling rather than the same old cricket/football etc :) See you on Sunday for the Randonneurs ride. All the best!
Comment by Divya Tate on September 3, 2009 at 3:08pm
ah oui... je parle francais, mais un petit peu. learnt it way back in shcool, and then did a crash course before the cycle trip as i was going it on my own!! first thing i learnt... Aidez moi s'il vous plait!! je suis perdue!! please help!! i'm lost!!
so you recognized loire valley... been there?? the tour i did actaully was in teh south from toulouse to somewhere near montpelier on the mediterranean!!
but the auroville connection is not so much with france as with an alternate lifestyle, with home learning and sustainable communities.
Comment by Gautam Deshmukh on August 5, 2009 at 12:32pm
Nice way indeed to promote kids with their passions , well home learning !!! would like to know more on this one ....great going Divya
Comment by Divya Tate on August 5, 2009 at 11:54am
thank you and wow.... he sounds great!! i see so few parents encourage their kids to be active and sporty, i guess i see few parents who are active and sporty!! even just walking to get to activities and classes is discouraged!! ugh!!
my kids too are into everything, with me they trek, bike, swim, run, kayak. and on their own are dedicated to cricket and table tennis. they dont go to school anymore, we homeschool or home learn! it's an adventure!!


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