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please help me out,i really need you people

hey all,

I am a new member over here and at this time dont have any cycle to join you .that's why i want your help.
I am not a great cycling enthusiast but like to cycle.I have not ridden a cycle past few years and now i want to cycle again but the problem is that i am not able to find out a best match for me .I am very much interested in hero octane spear and recra and i don't want racing bike like bsa mach or hero hawk as i had bsa mach few years ago but its ride was not good as there were not gears on it however it was the most stylish indin bike due to its short frame and after elongating its seat and removing career ,it was looking very attractive with its two tone seat colour but the main problem with it was that its ride was stiff as it was without suspension and i had to fill air many time s a i rode it only 8 times in 3 years and then sold it in 1500 rs only .now i want a good looking and comfortable bike thats why i selected hero octane spear and recra .

but now the problem is that hero x sport having full suspension and 21 gears is available in half price than these so just tell me is this the cost of disc brakes in front tyre only making it cost so high or it has some other qualities too.

second thing is that the picture given at hero cycle website is very attractive but when i googled for recra ,i found a picture having dissimilarities to actual bike like in original picture the colour od shocks is bronze and the rear shock absorber was also of a different kind but in picture found on google search it was some different,you can also see it here

now tell me that if anyone has this bike recra or spear so that please give me its review and suggest me whether i should go for it or not

the another thing is that hero genous is also looking very good but it is not found on website of hero cycles .so if anyone knows its cost and where can i get it ,please tell me .
i have a max budget of 10000 which can be a little stretched if i am getting some thing extra guys please help me for the following:

1- give me review of hero recra or spear.

2-where can and in how much i get hero genius.?

3-is there any other bike in this range which has something more than hero recra or spear.?

4- is the cost of hero recra is justified and i should go for it ?

now please help me out you group of nice people,please
thanks in advance

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Comment by NITIN SUKTHANKAR on April 26, 2010 at 3:25pm
2 suggestions: FOMAS ROADKING DELUX and HERCULES. They cost Rs. 7500 and Rs. 9000 respectively and have been extensively tested by our group .... I used to ride the Fomas till late before going for my Schwinn Comp. You appear to be enamoured by the 'looks' ... you would like the bike to look more expensive than it actually is !! These 2 bikes fit that bill !!!
Comment by Anurag Chitnis on April 19, 2010 at 3:44pm
Hi hari. I own Octane recra. Its a decent bike. I don't know which picture u saw.Mine is a red one with blue rear suspensions.i got it for 9100/- in Mumbai.It has some minor gear shifting problems which can be solved in servicing. It has a mechanical disk brake not hydraulic one.Suspensions r good.Looks sturdy..Its not very heavy since it has aluminium frame n wheels.So its good for off roads. overall a GOOD DEAL.. If u can stretch ur budget to 11000 - 12000/- then even BSA - HERCULES RYDERS ACT 107 (with Dual suspensions) or BSA - HERCULES RYDERS ACT 109 ( HARDTAIL model with front suspensions) are good buys..If these r not available at ur place then just go for OCTANE RECRA.DOnt go for roadsters if u r gonna do off roads..
Comment by hari on April 19, 2010 at 2:29pm
its fine ,i will try to test ride some of available bikes but at least anyone of you please give me the review of hero recra if anyone has it.
Comment by James Rodrigues on April 19, 2010 at 12:19am
you will know the difference only when you ride the other bikes . take care man ;-)
Comment by hari on April 19, 2010 at 12:12am
you are right buddy but i live in semi urban town ,here there are not so much fancy bikes ,even hero octane is not in stock here ,thats why i need this blog to solve this i dont have any bike to test ride with ,i just have ambitions .so please you suggest.

and leave that hero genius thing ,i found it as suggested by Mr.Panthaky ,it is very costly ansd is around 18000 rs
Comment by James Rodrigues on April 19, 2010 at 12:07am
buddy why only hero ;-) there are so may bikes to choose from ! look around .... ride the bikes and you will find better options
Comment by hari on April 18, 2010 at 11:45pm
reply to Mr. Panthaky

sir I want a bike for road biking and little off roading ,no heavy off roading at all,but i want a bike which seems to be some expensive and have some good features like dual suspensions and gears and disc brakes budget is around 10000 ,most probably below it.

I strongly want looks and performance otherwise i know that there is nothing better than the normal roadster bike like hero jet or atlas.
so due to above parameters ,suggest me if hero recra is a good bike and how much it is different from simple and cheap dual suspension bikes from hero like x sport.and could i get something else in this budget better than hero recra ?and how much i have to pay for hero genius.

please solve the problem


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