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give reviews for both, individually. 1d have hydraulic disc n 3d have mechanical which one is better.Any other bike gr8 then these in their price range individually.

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Comment by Vishakh Venugopal on July 13, 2012 at 1:40pm

I have just bought the revel 3 Disc. (24 grand) It has mechanical disc brakes.. The closest bikes u might get in this range with similar features(Front suspension and Mech disc brakes) is 1. Schwinn frontier elite(24-25K) and 2. GT Agressor 1.0(same range). Note that the GT Agressor the cycleshop owner was trying to sell to me did not have suspension lockout(Not sure if that is the thing that would perturb you).Mebbe the new version wud have lockout.  When you upgrade to revel 1d the only diff being hydraulic disc brakes you obviously pay more say a 4-5 grand increase. The hydraulic disc brakes as mentioned below are definitely better..but think if u are more of a lazy bum who wud want the least maintanence in a bike or the otherwise..

P.S: I am the former :P

Comment by Hill Storm on July 12, 2012 at 9:15pm

1D, Hydraulic disc are always powerfull than Mechanical same type you found in motorcycles i.e oil opareted but having some hazards like changing oil etc have to  buy oil online shops and import etc..entry Mechanicals are less powerfull......


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