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There’s a Mongoose in my house :) - Mongoose Crossway 250 review

I wanted a hybrid as my Hercules thriller was wearing down my knees quickly on the small hills of Hiranandani powai when cycling to work . It came down between Mongoose and Neo , and decided to go for Mongoose , felt a bit difficult(guilty of not supporting Indian brands) when selecting a phorein brand , but well I just liked it and got the mongoose just before cycle prices increased in April 2012 .

I stay at Dadar and ride alone , like riding to office in powai and back(approx 40km) , Panvel and back(approx 80km) and vashi back or nariman point and back.

One accident(my fault not a cycle issue) and 1500+ km later , here are my views .

The details of the Mongoose Crossway 250 can be found below , I got the “L” size and it’s a decent fit for me at 5 feet 10


  • Excellent build Quality , am 90 kg and the bike feels smooth and agile . No special sound effects/ creaks when pedaling or gear changing , well tuned and smooth ride. Not a single gear change missed so far .
  • The Suntour suspension forks(NEX 4610 v2) are great , and the Shimano gears tourney at front and altus at back make gear shifting effortless , the fire shifters are excellent and smooth .
  • The kraton grips are really comfortable , I didn’t think I would appreciate grips as its something I didn’t care about J , but in 80km rides I could feel the comfort , these are wider at the handle end and palms can rest nicely on the grips so min wrist and ulnar nerve issues as pressure is spread evenly .
  • The saddle is perfect for longer rides and is super comfortable , no need for gell covers etc .
  • The linear pull brakes are excellent and smooth , nothing special but work fine .
  • The best part is the ride !! it doesn’t feel laborious taking the mongoose up at CBD or over the bridges or around kailash complex and Powai hills , and on flat roads it really flies .
  • QR on seat and both the wheels is great to have for a touring bike , the headset is simple but sturdy and is adjustable utpo ~2 inches .
  • The double wall rims and tires are real good and strong , Continental Contact tires are excellent not a single puncture yet and offer good grip in rains as well as wade through water without much splashing . (I would suggest take mtb’s on Mumbai roads for safer rides in rains as left sides are real low on grip and uneven)
  • The pedals are wide platform type , give a bigger contact area and feel sturdy and smooth .

No Offroading yet , but honestly the eastern expressway between sion to ghatkopar is anyways very bad mates .

My Aha momemt

It came on 14th July 2012  , was on the road that meets LBS after a left from eastern express at ghatkopar and a black maruti esteem rammed into me from my right side and I was thrown off the cycle , the cycle tumbled and skidded about 5-10 meters and had its handle misaligned , brakes jumbled , chain came out of the front derailleur housing and left side grip and pedal suffered bruises , I was more depressed than hurt as I thought my mongoose wont be the same again . In depression I hacked the the chain in place somehow (it was real badly entangled in the front derailleur housing) , realigned the handle/seat/mudguards/brakes,  a bit shaken I started pedaling again !! but then came the aha moment , I was like didn’t I just have an accident or what !! the cycle just brushed it aside and also helped me brush the pain aside in that moment too , hence the motivation to praise it via the review while am nursing sore right side and shoulder pain and bruises . its really sturdy mates and amazingly agile love my Mongoose .

Where I got it from

I got the cycle from Narang Cycle shop at Amar Mahal , they have excellent range of cycles the current price is 20.3k , very nice shop and people and convenient for me as its on my way to office .

Request , Please reply with queries as I am sure am looking at obvious things and not at the real important stuff maybe , am thrilled with Mongoose Crossway 250 , the only guilt factor now … is

I am ignoring my Hercules thriller hahaha.

Disclaimer : These are my independent views on Mongoose Crossway 250 after driving for 1500+ km , please bear in mind that I am a cyclist at the lowest end of amateur cycling so please do take a test ride if possible to make a smart decision .


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Comment by Aniket Bapat on July 17, 2012 at 1:13pm

I selected mongoose based on my budget < 20k , i checked the parts available in that budget and found mostly you get altus and tourney and kmz chains + v brakes , ef51 shifters , also i wanted QR for both tires and seat , mongoose is a big name in bmx and downhill and known for its frames(although most frames are same in that range double butted aluminium) , i didnt like firefox and neo was only available in one size and felt crammed and also the tire width on neo was slimmer and didnt like it , honestly i wanted a bike from a shop on my way to office and didnt do much research(apart from neo) as wanted the bike in old prices just before april increase in prices of nearly 20% .

In a given price range you will see most bikes are the same with similar parts , given that TI cycles imports most of the brands now you should not have a problem with spares and maintainence . its all about your gut feel in the end , if you get to test ride it will be better , else just sit on the saddle see if the geometry feels comfortable . Make sure the frame size is fine rest i think is not that important for novice cyclists like me , a simple rule is have 1-2 inch space between the top bar and crotch , also you can think on do you like a more upright or elongated position and decide on size which has the right top bar length , larger size will mean you will stretch to reach the handle which may or may not be to your liking , personally i like it .

baic reference -

I think the pros in this forum can help you better !!

Comment by Siju Narayan on July 16, 2012 at 11:42pm

Nice review! Thanks, Aniket! I, too, am looking out for a bicycle. Was evaluating between GT Transeo 4 and Schwinn Sporterra. Would be interesting to understand your selection process and how you zeroed in on the Crossway. Cheers! Siju

Comment by Rony on July 16, 2012 at 7:32am
Nice review. Thanks.


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