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Hi Bikers,

I did Cycling last month on a Stage. It was not a Circus Activity
using a Uni-Bike. I got a chance to speak in Ignite night happened in
Pune last weekend on 19th June, The Friday. Ignite (
) is a International Event of Speedy Presentations, which happens in
various cities throught the world. 20 Speakers from the city, each had
given 5 Minutes with 20 slides with every slide changing in 15
seconds. Ignite is Organised by O'reilly Publications. This was there
first event in Pune hosted by ThoughtWorks Technologies at Panchsheel
IT Park in Yerwada, Pune MH. I nominated for it long back & got a
chance to speak. Participants spoked on differnt topics. I spoked on
our favourite topic,The Bicycle. I never want to relate Cycling with
Health, Environment & Meeting New people. I was very sure that if i
relate these 3 things with Cycling, crowd will get bored & will throw
Eggs on me. Relating Cycling with Health, Environment & Meeting New
People is like selling a Soap saying it will make you fair, give
fragrance & kill germs of your body (which is obvious). You need to
sell same soap showing other strengths of it. But i need to include
slides for those 3 things also because target audience was non-
cyclist. Mine basic intention was to showcase cycling world to the
Audience & motivate them for Cycling.

Check Out the Video of Presentation:


Pankaj Sisodiya

_> /__
(_) \(_)... Work to Eat, Eat to Live, Live to Bike, Bike to Work...

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Location: Pune MH


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