Top 10 Best Bicycle In India 2021

best bicycle in india
(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

In India, the prevalence of bicycles is simply undeniable. Previously used as a means of transport, the cycle is now a sport, a recreational activity, and a great way to bond with family and friends. However, with the revolutionary changes in modern-day bicycles, the baffling amount of brands can make even the professionals think twice. It is natural to feel confusion and apprehension. But don’t panic just yet! To help you out, we have curated a list of the top ten best bicycles in India in 2021. 

Top 10 Best Bicycles In India 2021

1. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike

The hero is one of the most popular Indian bicycle manufacturing brands. For the last several years, the brand has launched numerous top-quality products in the market. The Hero Kyoto 26T doesn’t disappoint. The robust bicycle frame is composed of high-density steel. It is due to this material that the product gets sturdy support. Now, you can easily ride both the urban and off roads with equal ease.

The product is also integrated with a single-speed transmission which lends to its reliability. Now, you can explore different terrains. Moreover, to offer enhanced comfort, you will get an adjustable PU saddle. It won’t be an issue even if you cycle all day long.

Other imprecise features include:

  • 26-inch wheels.
  • Durable nylon tyres.
  • High-quality light reflectors.
  • Non-slip paddles for enhanced safety.


Comfortable seat
High-quality frame
Balanced structure with good brakes


Absence of mudguard

2. Geekay Single Speed Mountain Bicycle

Another prominent Indian brand to launch reliable bicycles is Geekay. The Geekay hashtag Single Speed Mountain Bicycle offers a plethora of enticing features. For starters, the aerodynamic frame is specially designed to decrease air friction. Moreover, it is fitted with different (29”, 27.5”, and 26”) sizes of knobby tires so that you can ride different terrains with ease. 

With an adjustable saddle, you can make modifications as per your needs. Moreover, the wide tires and steady grips ensure that your ride is stable across different landscapes. The bicycle’s frame material is carbon, lightweight, durable, and makes the product quite easy to carry. 

Another appealing aspect is the dual disc brakes. These are noiseless and ensure quick braking while maintaining stability. 


Sleek and stylish design
Strong carbon frame
Equipped with dual disc brakes


A little difficult to assemble

3. Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

One of the most exclusive and top-rated online bicycle brands is OMO Bikes. The mobiles model 1.0 is an excellent budget choice. The product comes with a set of exciting features. Moreover, the brand is interested in promoting a greener Earth committed to planting five trees per sale of each bicycle. 

With such a trendy design and unique build, the product is an instant attraction. The frame material is composed of lightweight, high tensile steel, making it durable yet easy to ride. Moreover, the presence of the adjustable seat is a boon. Even people with 6’0” can ride the bicycle without any hurdle. 

Other advantageous aspects include durable pedals, lightweight rims, and puncture-resistant tires for improving speed. 


Light in weight
Fitted with road bike tires
Adjustable seat


The seat may feel small in size for some

4. 29 INCH Mountain Bicycle

When it comes to sturdy MTB, you can rely on CRADIAC to design the most stunning products. The most amazing attribute of this cycle is that it comes in a fully assembled condition. You have to fix the handlebar and fit the pedal.  

The 18-inches steel frame lends strength and sturdiness to the product. With just the right amount of tension, the drivetrain is smooth, ensuring that the riders will enjoy a smooth ride. Moreover, the handlebars are wide enough to avoid causing any distress to the shoulder. 

However, the most appealing aspect is the integration of the 29-inch tyres. These are durable and perfect for riding long distances without worrying about their strength. The dual disc braking system is sharp and aids in having a smooth journey.


High-quality build
Perfectly tensioned and smooth drivetrain
Excellent after-sales service


Heavy due to the steel frame

5. Dexter Front Suspension 21-Speed Adventure Sports Mountain Bike

With the launch of several top-quality bicycles in India, Dexter has slowly garnered its reputation over the years. This Dexter Front Suspension 21-Speed MTB comes in the shade of blue and black, giving off a quirky vibe. The stylish design combined with an adjustable seat makes it highly appealing. With a carbon steel frame, the product is sturdy, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. This makes it easy to ride on different terrains. 

It also comes with 21 speed, rear, and front disk brakes and front suspensions to absorb shocks’ impact. Moreover, the smooth shifting and constant contact on the ground ensures that you can even ride the slippery areas with ease. 


A lightweight steel carbon frame
Presence of rear and front disk brakes
Front suspension


Might need extra cushioning for the saddle

6. Mach City Munich Single Speed 700X35C Bike/Bicycle

When it comes to launching the best bicycle in India, you can truly count on Mach City. The brand has delivered some of the most popular cycles prevalent here. This Mach City Munich Bicycle comes in the lovely shade of timba grey. With the single-speed feature, you can now ride through the urban roads with seamless precision. 

Moreover, the lightweight steel frame guarantees that you can carry it without any trouble. Furth more, the 26-inches nylon tyres are durable and designed to ensure that you can go on a leisure ride. 

However, the most impressive feature is the assemblage of components such as the Shimano EZ Fire Shifters and the Tourney gear system from Shimano. 


Sturdy steel frame
Light in weight
Equipped with aerodynamic rims


Absence of components

7. Firefox Bikes Nexus-D, 27.5T Mountain Cycle

Best Hybrid Bicycle in India

If any brand can aspire confidence within you to purchase their cycles without much thought, it is Firefox. Over the years, they have cemented their incredible reputation with the release of superior quality products. The Firefox Nexus is a revelation and is easily the best cycle in India. Designed on a steel frame, the product is durable and stable. You can ride on various terrains with ease. 

Integrated with a mechanical disc-brake, you can utilize power braking and have a pleasant riding experience. Moreover, the product also offers double-wall rims for improved strength and 17 inches frame size. You also have front and rear D-brakes. 

Furthermore, you can adjust the saddle as per the height and comfort of the rider. 


A classy look with an interesting mix of hues
Light in weight
Easy to adjust the saddle


Might find it difficult to assemble if you are not a pro

8. Montra Trance Pro 700X35C 21 Speed Super Cycle

Another brand that offers premium-quality bicycles in India is Montra. The Montra Trance Pro is available in the shade of dark blue. The stylish design of the product, coupled with the unique color, makes it the best bicycle for adults

The product is equipped with a tyre size of 700C and a rigid suspension. Now, you can ride on different terrains with ease and efficiency. Moreover, the frame is composed of aluminum alloy. This gives the bicycle sturdiness, durability, and corrosion resistance. 

The 21-inches frame size coupled with both front and rear reflectors enhance the appeal of the bicycle. Regardless of the hour, you can now ride without any issues. 


Light in weight
Unique color and design
Equipped with front and rear V-brakes


Lack of various components such as a bell, trainer wheel, etc.

9. Endless 27.5T 21-Speed Carbon Steel Mountain Bike

Searching for a reliable mountain bike? Look no more! The Endless Mountain Bike offers a plethora of features that make it particularly enticing to MTB-lovers. With Wanda tires and tubes and 21-Speed Derailleurs and shifters from Shimano, the cycle promises a smooth ride. Moreover, the product also comes with a front suspension. It aids in the absorption of shock, thereby allowing users to explore different terrains, making it the best bicycle for long rides.

The construction of the mountain bike is durable and consists of carbon-steel frames. With an impressive strength to weight ratio, you can now brave even the most difficult landscapes. Moreover, for comfortable riding, there is a 30mm high handlebar. 

Equipped with powerful rear and front disc brakes, you don’t have to worry about the safety aspect anymore. Moreover, the seat is comfortable with adjustment attributes to modify as per the height of the rider. 


Equipped with front suspension
Presence of rear and front brake
Fitted with rear and front reflectors


Lack of accessories

10. Viva SX 5.0 21 Speed Mountain Bike

If you are looking for an amazing mountain bike with exciting features, Viva offers you that and much more. Take a look at the specs of Viva SX 5.0 MS and make your own decision. With an aluminum alloy and TIF welded frame, the product is sturdy and can weather rough terrains. Moreover, it is also equipped with the Zoom suspension fork that aids in shock absorption in the road.

Fitted with Kendra tyres, there is no scope for doubting the tires’ performance on different landscapes. Moreover, the handlebars are ergonomically designed to provide a smooth grip. Furthermore, the product is equipped with a pro-wheel multi-speed crankset that allows smooth shutting of the gears. It ultimately makes pedaling easier in all terrains. 


Light in weight
Excellent rear shock absorbers
Sturdy frame


Absence of tools to assemble the product

Things To Consider Buying A Bicycle In India

The staggering number of brands, types, and features is enough to make you feel more confused than you ever were. However, there are some parameters that you can keep in mind while making a bicycle purchase. Take a look!

  • Budget: The foremost thing that you need to do is determine the funds. Now, to set up a realistic budget, you must evaluate your purpose. Do you want to buy the bicycle for training, fitness or merely transport? 

    The answer to these questions will clear your objective and aid you in setting up the budget. Keep in mind that you will also have to make room for various component purchases such as safety gears, toolkit, etc. 
  • Type: There are mainly three distinct types of bicycles in India – mountain bike, hybrid, and a road bike. Now based on your purpose of the purchase, you can choose the type of bicycle that suits your needs the best. For Indian roads, mountain bikes are a good choice. In fact, these are designed to tackle rough terrains and off-road. 

    Now, road bikes are mainly for those who want to engage in competitive racing. These are built for speed and comfort. The hybrid bicycle is exactly what the name suggests. It has the combining features of a mountain bike and a road bike. However, you can also consider jump bikes, cyclocross, downhill, BMX, etc. 
  • Weight: Another vital criterion that you must consider is the weight. If it is too heavy, you will not feel comfortable enough to ride it. It is advisable to go with lightweight ones. However, there may be a hike in the price due to this feature. 
  • Frame: It is essential that you choose the correct frame material. If your purpose of buying the bicycle is daily commute, then you need to choose the one that can support the bottom and feet weight of the user. There are generally three types of bicycle frames. These include – aluminum, steel, and carbon. 

    Amongst all these, the lightest is the carbon frame, but it is quite expensive. Now, steel is affordable, but the frame is considerably heavy and prone to corrosion. In contrast, aluminum is moderately priced, resistant to corrosion, and much lighter than steel. 
  • Test ride: While you can now purchase bicycles both online and offline, visiting a physical store will give you the opportunity to take your preferred choice for a test ride. This will give you a feel of the bicycle, and you can understand the comfort level much more precisely.


These are the top ten best bicycles in India in 2021. Depending on the type of bicycle you want, you can make your decision. It is also vital that you consider your budget and other factors like disc brakes, frame, weight, etc.

We suggest the Hero Kyoto 26T as the best option for a comfortable ride in both off-road and urban lanes. However, if you want to explore the rugged terrains, the best choice is the Firefox Nexus. In the case of long rides, our top pick is the Endless Mountain Bike.

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