Best Bicycle Under 15000 In India 2021 Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

Going on a mountain hike or a morning exercise, the bicycle is one of the most preferred modes that people use. In recent years, the benefits of a bike have outweighed the physical exhaustion people face at the very beginning. This is why there has been a considerable rise in demand for having the best bicycle under 15000. 

Over the years, cycling has proven to be quite beneficial for both our psychological and physical health. For example, regular cycling will keep your body tones, make the muscles flexible, and improve your bone’s endurance and strength. Cycling has also proven to be very effective in reducing stress and depression, thereby helping you to carry on with other works easily. Many cyclists embark on bicycle trips to mountains or off-toad areas as with this specific two-wheeler, they can enjoy nature and work out at the same time. 

Things to consider before buying a bicycle under 15000

With different types of bicycles available in the market, choosing a particular piece has proven to be too overwhelming for many riders. Not only they have to consider the budget but also the features of the cycle. It’s weight and so many other facts. 

To help you choose the best bicycle within this price limit, here we have discussed some of the facts you need to consider. 

  • Budget: The first thing one needs to consider is the budget. 15000 is the maximum price limit for bicycles. But, that doesn’t mean you have to choose bikes having prices close to this limit. You can opt for a bike whose cost is within your affordability, which may be 5000 or 10000. 
  • Type of bicycle: three types of bikes are mainly present in the market. These bikes have different key features and are meant to be used for various purposes. 
  • Hybrid: this specific bicycle type is a crossover between the regular touring bike and the agile mountain bike. These have greater suspensions and wider tyres, which allow you to travel perfectly on gravel or uneven roads. 
  • Mountain: as the name suggests, these bikes are mainly designed for off-road travels where the surface is made from loose soil, clay, rocks, pebbles, loose dirt, and so on. These bikes are characterized by their firm suspensions and highly durable frames for tolerating the surface’s bumps and roughness. 
  • Road: these are the regular bikes that cyclists use to commute on straight, concrete roads in urban cities. They have standard features like average-sized tires, proper gears, and so on. 
  • Purpose: To buy the best bicycle, you need first to decide the two-wheeler’s purpose in your life. If you want to travel on straight, smooth roads, you need a road or touring bikes. For off-roads tours, mountain bikes are the best choice. If you want to alternate between concrete roads and uneven surfaces with sight elevations, hybrid bikes will be ideal. 
  • Age group and inseam height: the cycle choice will depend on the age group. If you look closely, you will find not all cycles are perfect for 15 years old teenagers, while not every bicycle will be suitable for adults. Apart from this, it would be best if you also considered the inseam height of the bike and checker. It’s smaller or shorter as compared to your size. 
  • Features: lastly, you need to look into the parts of the bicycle. This will include the gears, wheel types, suspension, handle grips, spokes, brakes, and so on. Make sure the bike’s features match your convenience the most.

Top 10 Best Bicycles Under 15000 In India 2021

1. Hercules Roadeo Hercules A75 26T Cycle

Roadeo model from Hercules has an aluminum frame that makes it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre on the roads. It has a threadless fork, which helps in tightening the front wheels correctly. The seat has a quick release feature using which you can change the height easily at your convenience.

Coloured dual brake discs are present in the structure that allow immediate halt and better control over the motion. The double-walled aluminum wheel rims protect the tires from too much friction and wear and tear.

Pros and Cons

  • Soft PU leather seats to help in maintaining the comforting statement of the bike. 
  • The cycle rides fast, thanks to the brake assembly. 
  • Since it is a none gear cycle, the transition is smooth with no complexity. 
  • Adjustable seat height for better riding convenience.
  • It’s not suitable for off-road drives. 
  • The absence of a mudguard can prove to be a real problem. 

2. Firefox Bikes Grunge-D, 27.5T Mountain Cycle

Being a mountain bike, this Firebox Grunge-D is made from a sturdy stainless steel frame, which makes it perfect for bumpy rides. If you want to travel on roads, the steel front suspensions will help you avoid damage to the bike if the wheels cover potholes, gravel roads, and so on.

The mechanical brake discs present in the bike will help you to halt the motion immediately without any further movement. The wheels are also covered with double-walled rims for extra protection on the mountain roads, which are always covered with debris, loose dirt, rocks, and so on. 


  • 27.5″ wheels are present, making this bike best for off-road travels as the tires have enough width to withstand the pressure. 
  • With the quick-release system, you can change the seat’s height according to your inseam height. 
  • Power brake discs help in increasing the speed faster on the mountains. 
  • Disc brakes might make a sound, which can be a concern for the riders. 
  • The absence of gears will make it difficult for the downhill commute.

3. Urban Terrain UT1000 21Speed 27.5T Mountain Bike

When you buy a bicycle, it won’t be for terrain commutes only. Sometimes, you will ride on normal concrete roads also. This is where the Urban Terrain UT1000 mountain bikes come into the scenario.

This mountain bike has a 21-speed configuration, with three front gears and seven back gears. You will be able to control the gear speed with a Shimano thumb shifter on the handrail.

With changing the equipment, riding downhill and uphill will be more comfortable, especially since you wouldn’t have to pedal much. The bike’s frame is designed so the riders have a height between 5.4″ to 6.2″. The entire bike has a black and grey coating, making it quite bold and enchanting for the onlookers’ eyes. 


  • The presence of front and rear disc brakes will give you superior control of the bike’s motion. 
  • Double-walled alloy wheel rims will keep the tires safe from wear and tear. 
  • Reflectors are present on both the front and rear end for better travel on the roads. 
  • The absence of a mudguard in the bike will not protect the cycle’s frame from road debris. 

4. Omobikes Manali G1

Omobikesis one of the best bicycle brands for all-age persons who want to commute on roads and trails. The bike’s frame is made from lightweight steel with a high tensile feature that will allow you to quickly turn the cycle without putting lots of pressure on the pedals or the handles.

Then saddle is made from PU leather, which makes the seat quite comfortable. Both the front and back wheels have disc brakes made from aluminum, which will prevent rust formation, and hence, the discs will function smoothly. The tires are quite strong and have a treaded structure for smooth transit. The allowed rim protects these for better longevity.

  • 60mm front suspension present for comfortable and smooth rides. 
  • This bicycle is perfect for urban roads, bicycle trails, and outdoor travels. 
  • The handle in the bike has a quill type bar with comfortable leather grips. 
  • It’s a single gear bike which will need extra pedaling effort for terrains. 

5. Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed Cycle

One of India’s best bicycle brands is Hero, and this particular 21-speed MTB framed cycle has become one of the most chosen two-wheelers. It has an aluminum frame that has reduced the bike’s weight considerably so that you won’t have to put a lot of effort into pedaling or steering the wheels.

With disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, you will supreme control over the motion and will be able to stop the bike instantaneously. And since the chassis has a suspension fork included in it, you wouldn’t have any difficulty driving through bumpy roads, potholes, and pebbled pathways. 

  • It’s perfect for people having a height within 5.4” to 6.4”, all thanks to the raised handlebar. 
  • The PU covered seat can be raised or pulled down using the quick release system. 
  • The tires are of high-quality rubber that can withstand abrasions on the mountain terrain. 
  • It has 21-speed gear for less pedaling efforts during both uphill and downhill journeys. 
  • No mudguard is present, which might harm the rear chassis of the bicycle. 

6. Frog Viper X-101 27.5 Inches 21 Speed Bike

With an 18.5″ steel framework, Frog has made sure to make the bike sturdy and robust enough to handle the rough mountain and off-road terrains. It has a shifting gear, which offers you 21-speed options. Three bags are present at the front, while the rest seven Shimano gear combinations are present at the rear end.

You will be able to change the gears with the Shimano Derailleur present on the handle. It has the Zoom 389 suspension fork for a better ride through off-roads, and hence you would feel the jumping of the bike and the seat. 


  • Wide cycle wheels for handling the pressure of the cycle along with the rider. 
  • Front suspension fork present to make the rides soothing and comfortable. 
  • Easy gear shifting option with the Shimano derailleur. 
  • The rear suspension is not present, and hence extra pressure will be current on the rear wheels. 
  • It doesn’t come with reflector options, making it difficult to ride on city roads with heavy traffic. 

7. Endless 27.5T 21-Speed Carbon Steel Mountain Bike

Carbon steel has been used in manufacturing this particular bike because it is corrosion-resistant, standard-weight, and has high endurance for rough rides. Front suspension is present to ensure that the rider wouldn’t feel the unevenness of the terrain he will be cycling.

As usual, the essential 21-speed thumb shifter gear is currently in the bicycle, which will help you at the time of both ascent and descent. The mudguard will help to protect your bike’s frame from debris, rocks, dust, and even from the mud. With soft PU grips present in the handle, steering the bike will be easier than expected. 


  • Carbon steel framework to handle the excess stress of off-road commutes easily. 
  • 21-speed gear arrangement for shifting and reducing the pressure on the pedals. 
  • The presence of disc brakes to give you the ultimate control over the bike’s motion. 
  • A robust and sturdy stand to help you in resting the bicycle when you are not riding. 
  • The wheel rims are not made from double-walled aluminum, putting the tires at high wear and tear risks. 

8. Sturdy Fat Bike with 26X4 INCH Tyres – Mountain Fat Bike

The main character of this beautiful bike is the tires. Both the tires have a large width, which ensures even weight distribution on the surface, and hence, a Sturdy fat bike is suitable for loose dirt, small pebble roads, and even on concrete urban roads.

With a colour combination of black and white, the bicycle looks marvelous. It has a 21-speed combinational arrangement, with seven rear gears and three front ones. Apart from this, the bike also has a front fork suspension for a smooth ride. 


  • 160mm disc brakes to help you amazingly in controlling the bike’s motion on all terrain. 
  • You can change the speed of the bike using the gear system at your convenience. 
  • Since the frame is made from aluminum, it will be able to drift against the airflow pressure with ease.
  • It doesn’t yield productive results for riders above thirty, the main reason being the fat tires. 

9. Viva SX 5.0 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Traveling up the mountains only on a bicycle is an adventure in itself, something you should experience. And that’s why you have this fantastic Viva SX 5.0 21-speed bike, which has been specially designed for such adventurous tours.

The alloy frame has multiple coatings of yellow paint, which indeed suits well with the black chassis. Since this is a 21-speed geared bike, you will get some relief from pedaling too hard during both the uphill and downhill.

There is a suspension fork attached to the front frame for better movement across the rough terrains. The wheels are indeed fat, which will help you to travel long off-road distances frequently without having to suffer from inflated tires. 


  • Dual brake discs to improve the movement and provide an immediate halt feature. 
  • Thumb shifter gear present on the handle within reach for speed transmission. 
  • The frame’s standard weight will help you appropriately manoeuvre the bike without accidents. 
  • Mudguard is absent because the rear chassis is at high risk of damage from poor road conditions. 

10. Hero RX2 26T 21 Speed Sprint Cycle

With 21-speed options, the bike has a total of three front gears and seven back gears. The frame is quite sturdy, thanks to the steel material. The bicycle comes with a rigid suspension, which is perfect for bicycle trails and urban roads.

Both at the front and rear end, the bike had calliper brakes, increasing the two-wheeler’s longevity. With a beautiful colour combination of the frame, it has become one of the most chosen bicycles under 15000. 


  • The steel framework has made the bike quite sturdy. 
  • The 21-speed combination will allow transit on any terrain without much physical effort. 
  • Wide, flat tires are used in the bike, distributing the pressure evenly on the ground. 
  • No front suspension is present in the bike, and hence, you are bound to feel the pressure of the jumps on off-roads. 


Here, we have discussed a lot of bikes that you can get under 15000. All you have to do is study these bikes properly, and then choose the right one according to your convenience. It would help if you got the best bike to last long, and you won’t have to face any problem with gear shifting, terrain transit, and so on. 


1. How To Choose A Bicycle Type In India?

Your bicycle’s choice will depend on many factors, starting with the budget, the gear type, the wheel type, frame material, and so on. Apart from this, you also need to focus on the kind of bike you need based on the purpose. 

2. Which Bicycle To Buy For Under 15000?

A lot of bikes are there under 15000. But you can’t buy them all. If you want the best bike within this price range, you have to study the details first, check whether the specifications match your needs or not, and then make the final selection. 

3. How To Choose Bicycle Size?

The bicycle size will depend on the inseam height of the framework. It should be either equal to or more than your inseam height. Also, make sure the seat has a QR mechanism that will help you change your size at your convenience. 

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